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Good Yearbook Name?? (Part 2)

Asked by peeterpatter (16points) February 16th, 2016
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A couple years back you all gave great suggestions on yearbook names for a school with a Hawk mascot (My favorites: The Perch, Hawks Nest, The Aerie, and Hawk Eye). Now I am hoping you can give me equally wonderful suggestions for our yearbook – our mascot is a Bulldog. The yearbook name will repeat every year – so we want to get it right! Thanks for your input!

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The Bullmastiffs.

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Hmmm maybe

(The) Bark

(The) Barkley

(The) Fetch

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I like The Fetch mentioned above.

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Kennel Club
Dog Show

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Paws and tails (pause and tales)
Tales that Wag the Dog
Chomp & Champs
Jowl’s Journal

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Fetch is already a thing in the US. It’s a dog that does science talks. My kid loved him when he was about 4. Fetch with Ruff Ruffman from PBS.

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These are GREAT suggestions! Thanks everyone for taking the time – I will take them back to my team:)

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