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Do you ever strip totally nude when you use the toilet?

Asked by Lovelocke (1609points) July 25th, 2008
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I do. I figure if I’m pulling out my junk on a seat designed to house my junk, I might as well commit to the indecent act and treat everyone to a free show.

There’s also times when I’m sick and “active” and I totally have to strip down to ventilate.

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absolutely. ?!!! I love doing that!

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Interesting. Must say. This is a good question.

Do you do this in public? Like at work or in a shared stall??

I once went into a bathroom and a man was lying on the floor in the stall. I don’t know what that was about but he jumped up when I went in. It was one of those bathrooms where the light goes off when there is no movement. I think he was sleeping in there.

Beside the point of your question….

Is this something you do at the urinal too? or just the sitter?

As for the doing it when you are sick, I get that. When I know it will be a long time or a constant flow, I like to ventilate as well.

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Ewww! This could get really gross, really quickly.

And, well, yes, but only when I’m about to shower. Plus I don’t have any junk.

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I’m with tinyfaery on this. I only do it when I’m about to hop into the shower and I’m naked anyways.

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I prefer it for comfort (when it’s going to be a little while).

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Maybe its a guy thing, considering the junk and all.

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Yeah, I guess so. I don’t get it though. How is being completely naked more comfy for your junk?

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yes myboyfriend does it as well, I find it totally odd. He’ll take off everything except his undershirt (wife beater). He says it’s more comfortable. And only at home.

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@Allie – It’s not that it’s more comfortable, it’s just… the body sweats when it’s getting all worked up and such… and if you’ve ever sat down a toilet seat with a wet booty, it’s quite the ordeal. So, stripping off the clothes allows the sweat to do as it was designed to do: Come in contact with surrounding air and cool off your body.

It’s almost as if… God designed us to be nude. And have diarrhea. In porcelain chairs shared with thousands of people over the course of a month.

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“There’s also times when I’m sick and “active” and I totally have to strip down to ventilate”

Guys are so different from women.

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Worked up? Hahaha.

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Definitely, syz. Definitely different.

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I agree with Kevbo, I’ll be nude at home, but in public I leave it on. I dunno, it just makes everything easier to take it all off, regardless of junk.

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I do it all the time. I walk the house naked. It feels great. It feels like cool air hitting me everywhere cooling me down

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@JH – Boom. You knows it!

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Some people come to worship as they came into the earth-au natural…no worries

…still wondering what this has to do with rap-you considering writing a rhyme about it?! ;)

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When I was a wee lil lad I used to strip down. I grew out of it. But I just recently found out that my 3 little cousins, age 6–9, all refuse to wear clothes while dropping a duece. It must be hereditary. LOL

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No, no, no.

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I am with tiny and Allie only before showers.

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Like Tiny, Allie & Trance, only before a shower. Oh, or if I need to change clothes and use the facilities at the same time.

Boys are different, aren’t they?

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@tedi Oh yeah!

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Usually only before a shower—and if it’s a quick one. If it’s going to take awhile, I don’t. I have a hard time doing the deed when it’s cold.

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Or, rather, when I’m cold.

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Only if it is immediately before or after using the shower/bath.

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