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Has there been improvements for Windows 10 since it was introduced?

Asked by JLeslie (65476points) March 4th, 2016
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My husband downloaded 10 a long while back. Then he reversed it, because he wasn’t happy with it. The thing is, we don’t like Windows 8. So, my husband was wondering if 10 was improved since it was first introduced?

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Guess so. An update for Windows 10 was out last December on the Update section, which I only managed to install successfully a few days ago. So far I haven’t seen the changes yet except for some minor new features like an option to turn off notifications and the projector screen setting.

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Windows 10 is significantly better than 8. I hated 8 but prefer 10 over 7. On 10 you have to right click a lot to remove a bunch of crap. But after a few hours of tweaking 10 is pretty nice.

But there haven’t been many changes since the original (non-beta) version of 10.

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Yes, there were some bugs, and it’s getting gradually improved.

If you don’t want to go now, I would plan to upgrade in June or early July. The free upgrade from 7 to 10 ends in July.

Meaning upgrade as late as possible to get the free upgrade with the maximum number of bug fixes.

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Have any of you had trouble with email with 10? My husband was having trouble sending emails.

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I use Gmail in the web browser, so it’s the same on any computer.

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No email problems for me. Without knowing the email client/provider we can’t really help with that.

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It took a couple of weeks, but in my mind, it’s no different than Windows 7.

However, I also replaced the default “start” button of windows 10 with a classic shell. That really took care of all the stuff I didn’t like about 10…all the ads for one. It also made the features much more like what I was used to with 7.

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I don’t see that many differences between Windows 7 and Windows 10, which pleases me. Like @Dutchess_III, I use the classic shell, so it doesn’t have that “look, we designed it for a five-year-old!” appearance, and I can find what I need.

The main thing that irritates me (which I mentioned in a recent question) is that I can’t control which updates are installed or when, because I have the home/student version of Windows 10. If you have Pro, that’s not an issue for you. Worth the extra money if you can afford it, in my opinion.

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Everything seems designed for a five year old these days, or at least a pre-teen. It is so annoying. For example, it’s harder than hell to find a case for my phone that isn’t all flashy bling and hearts and sparkles. They’re out there, but the selection is small and uninspiring.

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