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Can someone help me interpret this dream?

Asked by LeavesNoTrace (5674points) March 7th, 2016
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I dreamt that I saw a short skinny guy walking around talking to himself. He had a little boy with him, about six or seven years old, and the little boy looks scared.

I immediately knew that something was “off” about the situation and I needed to get to the bottom of it. I struck up a conversation with the guy who was obviously not right in the head but able to be someone oriented in reality. I bought him a coffee and waited for him to go to the bathroom by himself. I asked the little boy if the guy was his father and he said no and that he was scared.

I use my iPhone to take a picture of the boy and I asked him for details about his parents, his names where they live etc. So I might get in touch with them on the spot. Tells me that his name is “Ethan” his parents live in Connecticut. I take his hand and I got him out of the Starbucks to get him away from his kidnapper.

Just as I’ve managed to find their home phone number and put my phone to the year the guy comes out and hold a knife to my neck and I wake up from my dream.

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Could be that the “kidnapper” represents the fear of ageing, leaving your childhood/youth behind. You are the child & the dream ends badly, you can’t escape although you tried.
Or…it is just a random dream, forget it about it.

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Could be a recent article you recently read. There was a recent story of a girl that was kidnapped and being used for sex and a truck driver thought something suspicious was going on, so he call the cops.
It’s natural for people to wonder if they would have the courage to interfere in a situation that can prove to be dangerous for them.

I would think it means you may have the courage to do something that you want to do on the surface but deep down you are afraid of getting caught and being put at some risk.
I think dreams are often used as a rehearsal for life. Where your mind plays out the unwelcome senario’s in a safe manner.

But then again. It could be your face was stuffed in the pillow and your mind was trying to wake you, or you ate heavy food before bedtime, or went to bed hungry. Or you fell asleep to the news or some kidnapping story from a tv show.

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Dream analysis is always going to be speculation of course but I rather like the theory that people in our dreams represent ourselves in some way – aspects of our personalities or representations of how we react to situations or people, or representations of situations themselves.

So, by this method, the boy and the man are representing an aspect of your personality or life as well as you from your own point of view. The you seems quite strong and capable, the boy is frightened and wants to be taken care of, the man is scary and unpredictable. So is this you coping with a scary situation? The strong side of your personality addressing the fear and helping? The fear still being there and threatening to overwhelm you?

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You have a thing for creepy guys who molest children and you want to come to the rescue of some child or children in general.

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Lol yikes. The only reason “dream me” bought him a coffee was because I wanted to get to the bottom of what was going on with the kid.

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You are worried about someone in real life and you want to help them but you are frightened to get involved. Its not easy figuring out in detail what the dream might mean for you without knowing your circumstances

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You are worried about someone’s influence over you. This person exerts undo influence over some part of your life or something in your life, and you don’t know how to escape or break free.

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I asked a similar question and never got a single response

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I should have specified, if anyone is curious, that this “thing” I previously mentioned was to catch those “creepy guys” (or gals) and get them arrested/jailed.

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We hear so much going on with paedophiles lately and child sex traffickers and other undercover abuses that we feel helpless. Do you have young children in the family who you care deeply about but feel that you can’t be there all the time to protect them? Like a grandchild who you don’t see everyday and worry about them growing up in this cruel world? Your fears for the child in the dream, so close to save him but someone is a threat and spoils your plan” I’m rambling now.

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