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What would you do with this tomato/"bell pepper" mix?

Asked by Zyx (4165points) March 8th, 2016
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I cleaned a red bell pepper and six tomatoes and put the tasty red parts in a blender. Now I know from having done this before that it’s delicious but it’s very wet which makes it hard to use for anything other than pasta and maybe pizza.

What would you make with this stuff?

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You can always add some basil, oregano, and other herbs and spices and use it for a dipping sauce for garlic bread.

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That would work. I was also thinking about ways to make it sweeter/thicker without adding sugar to make some kind of rice dish. Any ideas?

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You can make it thicker by just cooking it down. Slowly evaporate off the water. Leave it simmering in a large pot (more surface area the wider the pot is) until it’s the desired thickness. If you don’t thicken it too much, you can use that as the liquid when you make your rice.

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I’d just use it as base for a killer pasta sauce. Simple and delicious. I use lots of red, yellow & orange bell peppers in my sauce. Or, you could use it to make a chicken cacciatore type dish too.

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Thicken it and then use as an omelet filling.

Or use as a salsa over grilled fish.

Or as a dip for tortilla chips.

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@zenvelo an Omelet…good idea!

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Add it to your beef filling for tacos.

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Add it to tacos or stuffed pita pockets.

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@Seek Oooh….yes, make like chicken fajita pitas, diced, cooked chicken breast, grilled onions and the sauce, with cheese, lettuce etc. in a pita pocket. Yummy!

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I have a irrational love of cheesy garlic bread so I would go with Yetanotheruser and use it as a dipping sauce. But I would probably give a kid a TWIX to stir it for 30 minutes while it reduces.

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Possibly brown some ground beef, add salt to taste and then the sauce, cook for a few minutes, then serve over rice. Kind of a broken down stuffed pepper.

Cook chicken in it. Lightly salt the chicken, add sliced mushrooms and a little onion, a little garlic or garlic salt. That would be similar to cacciatore. You could add a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg and
nix the garlic (or leave it if you live it) and it will be closer to chicken captain. Serve both/either over linguine.

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