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Work emergency! Can you help me find an image?

Asked by syz (35799points) March 8th, 2016
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I have seen somewhere an inspirational poster that has a dalmatian made up of colored spots in a sea of normal (black and white) dalmatians, with the message something like “Be Unique” or “Stand out in a crowd”, but I can’t find it! I need something along those lines for a recruitment letter and I need Fluther’s help to find it. Thanks so much!!

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Just went into “Google images” and did a search for “Be Different.” I don’t see your Dalmatian but there are plenty of similarly themed posters to choose from.

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Yes, the “stand out from the crowd” images are what I’m looking for, but I need something in dogs or cats.

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Try “Google images’ then “Be different dogs” and a number of relevant poster images pop up.

Here’s one

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Aha @johnpowell already found it—I wasn’t so successful, but I did find several other images I may as well share anyway… none as funny as @janbb‘s though!
rainbow zebra
rainbow giraffe

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