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3.14.16 - Had any pi today?

Asked by janbb (62111points) March 14th, 2016
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And if so, what kind was it?

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Planning to have apple pi. Not sure if I should make it Dutch Apple pi.

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Pizza Pi today. Once I circle around to it.

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@zenvelo Share a segment or two?

@canidmajor Prefer plain apple pi myself.

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No pi for me, I’m in the UK. I did have a date but it wasn’t the same.

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Pecan pi ala mode!

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@flutherother Yeah – you guys are bass-ackwards. But my birthdate is a palindrome in the UK.

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I will have chicken pot pie for dinner.

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@LuckyGuy One of my favorite kinds of pi!

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@janbb How many degrees of arc do you want? I will have to cut a radius.

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Just cut along the diameter and pass me half!

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@janbb: I opted for the plain Apple pi, as it is better warmed and a la mode than the Dutch pi.

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And a cupcake. I also got a cupcake. Cuz, well, cupcake.

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Nice try, but it is 14.3.16.

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Pizza in a while.

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Pi day was last year, won’t be another for 101 years.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me Last year was 3.14.15, which is much more inaccurate than 3.14.16. Today is properly rounded Pi Day.

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It is okay to overindulge in pi today, but only by a little bit. Pi to 5 places is 3.14159.

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Important takeaway for today:

Cherry Pi are round, but shepherd’s Pi are squared.

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@Seek I need to have proof of that!

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Casserole Theorem

Shepherd’s = πr^2

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Most shepherds I knew we’re pretty square.

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@zenvelo touché and where the hell did I get 101

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Pi, ay, ay, ay
Canta y no llores

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