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Would you like a 'favourite' question option?

Asked by Earthbound_Misfit (13177points) March 22nd, 2016
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There are some questions I’d like to be able to find with ease. Thinks like ‘Tell us something joyful that happened today’ type questions. When something joyful happens, I usually can’t remember the exact title and so it’s hard to find.

Would you like the ability to tag questions as ‘favourites’ so you can find them again? Not just to follow them – but to tag them so you can always go back to them.

Perhaps one of our volunteer programmers could help? I do realise there is no ‘official improvement work being carried out on the site and that this request may be just a dream.

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You can save a book mark in your browser.

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Can I flag this question for misspelling “favorite”?

Yes, that would be handy.

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Slaps @Hawaii_Jake gently. I know what you’re up to! :-)

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Traffic is so slow, I just leave those questions open on my “Activity for you”.
If I accidentally close one, I search for it on my laptop, in Fluther search.
If Fluther search doesn’t work, I Google for the question, putting “Fluther” in the search.
If it hasn’t been that long, I search for the user that asked the question, and back-track.

But now I feel a little silly, since @RedDeerGuy1 points out I could just make a “Fluther Favorites” folder in my bookmarks.

There are probably programming issues that need to be addressed that are not as easy to work around.

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I like the idea.

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@janbb Which idea do you like? I like the idea of flagging this question for spelling errors, and we could point out the misuse of single quotation marks. @Earthbound_Misfit probably calls them inverted commas.

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Oh, I’m so tired, I probably like any ideas right now, especially if they involve going to bed – with or without inverted commas.

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I think @Hawaii_Jake took his picky pills today. And there’s nothing wrong with my spelling of favourite. I choose to ignore him. Have sweet dreams @janbb. And now… I must go to work.

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@Earthbound_Misfit Back to your ‘labours’, luv!

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Sounds like an idea to be considered. Just the other day I wanted to post something in the “useful facts that most people don’t know” thread, but I couldn’t find it. Now I don’t even remember what the fact was.

dxs (15160points)“Great Answer” (2points)
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I’m not picky. I’m trying to start a food fight.

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Well, I can tell you that questions are easier to find using Google than using Fluther’s search function. If I know that I posted a reply, or can remember someone else who did, that’s enough to locate most things I’ve searched for.

I do keep a little file of bookmarks of special favorites, though.

Even if some development does occur on this site, this would not be at the top of my wish list.

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“I’ve got a bowl of mashed potatoes”, Bluto. YAH

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The maple syrup is running up north! Squirts some pancake syrup across the room.

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@Earthbound_Misfit This is my favourite question today.

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Thank you @Adagio. @dxs, that’s exactly the problem I have. @Jeruba and @ibstubro and @RedDeerGuy1, I’ve never thought of bookmarking pages or using Google to search Fluther. I’ll keep that in mind for future reference.

@Hawaii_Jake and @Tropical_Willie, Lemon Meringue Pie headed your way.

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Love this idea whether or not it’s going to happen.

Also, love the favourite labours LOL.

jca (36059points)“Great Answer” (2points)
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Doesn’t the ‘Follow Question’ do this? Then you can look in ‘Activity for you’. Or did I miss something? (I certainly missed what is going on with @Hawaii_Jake. He used to be one of my favourite jellies…)

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@Stinley, the problem is you end up with lots and lots of questions you’ve followed. If you could tag or favourite things, you could visit questions when you want to, rather than the question popping up when someone else posts to it.

And @Hawaii_Jake isn’t being serious. I’m certainly not taking his comments seriously anyway. He can’t help not being able to spell correctly.

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Sure, not a bad idea at all.

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@Jeruba What is at the top of your wish list?

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I am also a yes!! They do this on Metafilter (actually called favorites) and the primary use is to “Like” something but a lot of people use them to bookmark interesting things.

I generally use it to show support of a comment and to bookmark a post if I want to get back to it later.

Generally I don’t think using the bookmark feature in the browser is a good way to deal with bookmarks for a specific site. I have a internal bookmark feature on my site.

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Can’t a guy start a simple food fight for fun anymore?

Ducks and the meringue pie misses.

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Anybody who wants to throw some pie my way is more than welcome to do so! Cherry or pecan preferably!

Espiritus_Corvus's avatar

I got yer pecan pie right here, baby! Pow!

janbb's avatar

slurp. slurp, drip, drip…...yum!

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I would certainly favourite any question that uses the Queen’s English, rather than the odd, U-dropping American variety.

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But if we use her language what is the Queen going to use?

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@janbb If she were the only person using it, that would rather defeat the purpose, no?

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@dappled_leaves We are not amused.

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I would love to have a favorite questions place. Not least of all for storing Fluther classics like whatthefluther’s marriage proposal. the infamous frizzer question, the CIA question, the cake question.

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@marinelife: The Yarn Pocalypse thread.

jca (36059points)“Great Answer” (2points)
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Lobs a slice of custard pie at @marinelife

We can’t use the whole pie. We’re running low.

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@Hawaii_Jake, liar! I saw you eating that pie. We have plenty to throw. Here, have a cream puff. (Smushes it directly onto Jake’s forehead.) Ya worried about stinkin’? Here, have a rinse! (Squirts with seltzer water)

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@Jak Gaak! sputter Pfft!

I’ll get you for that!

Bites a piece of coconut cream pie.

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One thing I keep meaning to do and never remember to follow-through with is to put links to my favourites on my Profile page. Of course, others might not want their favourites to be public.

We need a “what’s your favourite question?” question so I can get my links together.

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@Espiritus_Corvus, I’m for this proposal that was made in 2009. (I found it again using Google’s “site” function paired with just a brief key phrase.) Honestly, it may have been made tongue in cheek (although the person who posted it said it wasn’t), but I would have used it quite a few times by now.

Second to that, I would like checkboxes for the “stop following” feature of “Activity for You” instead of having to do them one at a time. If I’m fast, I can take out two in one go, but it’s still tedious. I want to review them as I delete them and not clear everything away all at one blow.

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Ooh, another helpful thing:

I’d like a “see conversation” feature added to a person’s profile, where if I click it I can see our PM history. Right now I can only see past interaction by finding a PM from that person in my PM history and pretending to reply.

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I have remembered questions I would like to go back to find, but can’t remember who asked, etc. I would like to be able to search questions sometimes by subject matter.

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@Here2_4, you can search them by tag. Just click on the tag and you’ll see other questions that have the same tag. Tagging them in a useful way is the responsibility of the original poster.

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Oh! Thanks! <Handing pie gently.>

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Is it lemon meringue?

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Gently snatches a piece of the lemon meringue pie out from under @jeruba’s nose.


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If you so wish.
<slaps Jake’s knuckles>

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@Hawaii_Jake Lilikoi for me thanks.

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Lilikoi is always in season. Yum

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