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What is "PAM"? (food)

Asked by roppi (7points) March 27th, 2016
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in the user Sunny2 reported having coated walnuts with PAM prior to toast them. But what is “PAM”? (My googling hasn’t yield any useful results.)

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it’s a brand of spray cooking oil

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Thank you very much.

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Here is a link to the PAM website.

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You can use Canola oil, just pour a little over the walnuts and stir. The spray gets into the crannies better.

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You can get olive oil PAM, too. And PAM especially for grills. It’s great stuff.

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You can also buy oil misters that will do essentially the same thing using the oil of your choice.

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@ibstubro I’m so glad you gave that link. I’ve always wanted to buy something like that, rather than use the stuff in a can. I would assume the can has added chemicals.

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I’ve wanted to try one, too, @JLeslie. More so when I cooked a lot more. I’m afraid that the misters would ‘gunk up’ if not used regularly.
Yes, the aerosol cans have more than oil and air in them:

Is the Propellant in Pam Cooking Spray Harmful?

Being able to choose your own oil (like a high grade olive) would be great!

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I always thought if I just bought some random sprayer the oil might be too thick for it, so I never tried.

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I’ve only recently started using it at all, and that’s just because Rick buys it. From my poverty days, it was such a waste of money, when a dab of oil swiped around did the same thing.

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