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Irc for iPod touch?

Asked by SilentlyLogical (134points) July 27th, 2008
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is there a web app or a downloadable app for irc on the iPod touch/iPhone?

If so, can it hook up to Icq’s irc network( I think it’s called IrCQ-net or something)

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just check the app store… come on, is it that hard to figure out ?

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Not in AppStore.

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well, then you’d have to use the installer, if there even is an app for it, let’s see what google brings up, oh wow, first hit is a hit, i must be good at google…

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Installer isn’t even necessary for your tip, Camiel. It works via a web server you set up on your computer and accessing an iPhone-ready interface via Safari.

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mmm… That one seems to stream it through ur pc.

Just give me the URL for icq’s Irc server, and I’ll be on my way… Mibbit.Com seems to be what ok looking for for the web app part.

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First you say you need an app and now you say you want the URL?

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yes, now I need the URL for the server… Or else I can’t chat on the server… I’m half awake… Which is probably why some of this doesn’t make sense

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That I don’t know. Sorry.

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