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I want to drop Time Warner Cable for AT&T DSL Elite... good idea?

Long story short, as of tomorrow we will have had 5 Technicians come out within a week and STILL have no cable Internet connectivity. Today we also learned that they want to charge us for the “repair” work done. I’m going in person to dispute that, since the person on the phone basically said “no, you’ll pay, and then we’ll think about crediting you for offline time”.

Been a customer for six years and they always leave me hanging when it comes to help: But I think this is the last straw.

AT&T advertises faster DSL than Time Warner Cable with their “elite” plan… At a price about $15 less a month compared to what I’m paying now.

I use them already foe telephone service, and checked to see if it’s available here: So it seems like a go.

I will, however, need a phone line ran by my computer for this to work.

Anyone use AT&T DSL now? Ever had unpredictable and crippling downtimes?

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