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What are important things to take to college?

Asked by Thesilvertiger (264points) July 27th, 2008
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if you know of some obvios things or of small thing that just don’t seem important to a 1st year college student.

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Tacky posters with “witty” names for shots.

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An open mind.

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condoms and beer

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Don’t forget that ever important fake ID, lots of quarters “for parking and laundry” your social security card for when you apply for a job, Yeah I had to make a special trip home just for that once. Ramen noodles, and that’s about all you “need”.

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A laundry bag. One of those kits to carry your shaving stuff and shampoo and deoderant to the shower room. A sharpie for marking your belongings.

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…and for goodness sake don’t take your high school sweetheart. If it’s meant to be you’ll meet up again somehow.

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Pen and paper is always handy for notes and silly stuff like that

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The movies u like, the books you love, lot’s of music, and a huge desire to enjoy an unforgettable part of your life

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good quality backpack

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