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What are your favourite internet memes?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5479points) April 12th, 2016
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I am defining an internet meme as a concept, catchphrase or piece of media which spreads, often as mimicry, from person to person via the Internet. A lot of the time it is statical humour; meant to be humorous.

This picture of Fry from Futurama is an example of what I mean. There is also the DR Who “Bowties are cool meme”, the Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” memes too.

So what are your favourite memes?

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@Mimishu1995 Haha that sums up Yahoo Answers pretty well

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I still like the classics.

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@Seek Good old Rickrolling never gets old haha

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These are classics too.

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I love this Simpsons meme.

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Hey @Seek….bet you’d like this one

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I like this guy who turns lyrics into old-style English. It’s hilarious. The name of it is archaic rap.

dxs (15160points)“Great Answer” (2points)
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We have staff for that ;-}

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I liked this song before the video hit the internet, and still do.

Gods, that dude is hilarious.

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Coffin dance.

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