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So, what do you think about life?

Asked by CWOTUS (26082points) April 27th, 2016
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As asked, open ended, free-form, just another big question about not much of much.

(Answers referencing works or words of the late, great Douglas Adams would be given extra marks if ‘twer possible. Literary responses appreciated; literate responses de rigueur. French, not so much. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

Do you think life is a good idea or not?

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It beats the alternative.

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Some days I think it sucks and some days I think it’s the best thing since sliced bread (not that sliced bread is so good.) But when my back isn’t aching, it does beat the alternative as the Crow flies – err, says.

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Fascinating that it exists at all.

I mean, why life?

Not the same question as “what is life’s meaning.”

“Come with me or you will be late.”


“Late, as in the late DentArthurDent.”

“It’s a sort of threat you see, I never was very good with them.”

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Life is good. Most of the time. And when it isn’t, it still beats the alternative as the crow and penguin said.

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If one could have attained wisdom and experience while still having youth, that would be great.

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Good idea? If it works for you. So much depends on the hand you are dealt. One’s attitude is integral to that hand, but random chance guarantees that life is short and unfair.

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I think life is a crazy ride. Things that I thought would simplify my life end up complicating it more and sometimes vice versa.

If I focus on the good things it’s good. My friends here at fluther are one good thing. Beautiful weather another. Being part of the earth and the universe. The great beauty in nature. Sorry to get all gooey. Having people in my life who I really believe are good and who I can trust is another. That last one is really important. I can’t imagine being surrounded by people who are dishonest, who constantly disappoint, and who are thieves.

Handling life is the trick I guess. Handling the shit that comes up that can wreak havoc. In the last two years I’ve been around people who take adversity and challenges in stride. I hope I can become more and more like that.

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Life is hard but nothing good ever came easy. At least that’s my experience.We tend to get all wrapped around the axle with little unimportant issues while letting the best opportunities slide by unnoticed. I think the Serenity Prayer says it all:

“grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,: Courage to change the things I can,: And wisdom to know the difference”

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Life. Don’t talk to me about life.

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I love life. I also pretty much love my life

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Life is the childhood of our Imortality….Gothe
There is more to life than increasing its speed…Mahatma Gandi
Rainy Day
Beside my window casement clings
A butterfly with rain drenched wings

To me small matter if it rain—
Tomorrow brings the Sun again;

And all the my sky was sodden gray

And cold rain fell unceasingly——-
What could amend the tragedy!

Beside my casement window clings
A butterfly with rain soaked wings…....B.Y.Williams

Some insects only live for one day and yet we humans can live to 120 year!
Imagine what we are able to complete in a lifetime compared to a Butterfly?
Enjoy, make use of your time and complete your purpose before you leave this earth life.

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Astonishing! One amazing thing after another.

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Life is life, the opposite of death is not life, it is birth, life has no opposite.
I have always been a life lover, am privileged to have an acute sense of appreciation for observing our natural world, am highly creative and can find pleasure in many things. The down side, being in a financially compromised position these days and losing some of my natural spark. I’d like to really feel that sparkle again as I have a strong reference point from sparkle past. lol

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Life is just a bowl of toilet issues – apparently.

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As Woody Allen tells us quite wisely…
Life is full of misery, loneliness, and suffering – and it’s all over much too soon.

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Life, ends.

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Yes I agree.
Life as we know will end just to begin a new life.( Spirtual exestance).
There are many universes and perhaps we eventually partake of these after this lifetime?
So make each lifetime here worthwhile.

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@janbb LOL. At least life on Fluther is lately.

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“Oh no, not again.”
– Bowl of Petunias.

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“Mongo just pawn in game of…”

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@seek I knew you ‘d get my joke.

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Hell, even I got your joke, @Rarebear. It was @Seek‘s that I had to look up.

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I highly recommend the original BBC radio series.

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Sometimes I wonder @Espiritus_Corvus. sometimes it seems I am not living but existing but I always get this way at this time of year and eventually snap out of it.

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Worst practical joke ever!

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The sins of man are huge
A neverending symphony
Of villainy and infamy
Duplicity, deceit, and subtefuge
And no one’s worse than you
Though man’s a handy candidate for Hell
I must admit life sometimes has it’s brighter side as well

I like life
Life likes me
Life and I fairly fully agree
Life is fine
Life is good
‘Specially mine, which is just as it should be
I like pouring the wine and why not?
Life’s a pleasure that I deny not

I like life
Here and now
Life and I made a mutual vow
‘Till I die
Life and I
We’ll both try to be better somehow
And if life were a woman
She would be my wife

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First two things that came to mind:

What good´s permitting some prophet of doom
To wipe every smile away?
Life is a cabaret, old chum,
So come to the cabaret!


The Total Perspective Vortex machine
(I see you towel-wielding-alien-journalist, depressed-robot and recurrently-dies-at-Dent-lifeform!)

Hmm this might be a bit cryptic: I disagree with the sentiments of both. The first conveys an assumed helplessness, the second an absolute bleakness, about “true” reality—and the necessity of some sort of delusion to cope. I want to reject both, I want there to be something beautiful and reassuring at the heart of everything, but I also worry they are “true.”

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I love life.
I love my life.
Life’s a beautifully tragic thing. A tragic beauty? a beautiful tragedy? It’s pretty cool, I guess.
Except for thr fact that death exists.

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It’s great and fucking sucks simultaneously.

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I think that if you are a good English speller, you don’t have to tell his information to everybody. I was in a hurry and made some mistake!
I am a compulsive good speller and grammarian, and for those reasons I can barely even read that question, much less answer it. If I were going to suggest anything then it would be to get treatment for an addiction that can ruin your life.
Do not like the question?JUST DO NOT ANSWER AND PASS BY!

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@SweetGinger I think you meant to post this to your question about slot machines.
Anyway, I sincerely mean this: Welcome to Fluther! I hope you stick around. We really do like new people joining us.

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@SweetGinger Me too, welcome to Fluther. Don’t let one instance get you down.

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