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Do you remember character actor William Schallert?

Asked by Pachy (18610points) May 10th, 2016
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If you’re an older jelly and never saw this longtime character actor’s face or heard his voice, you must have been living on the planet Pluto.

Perhaps best remembered as Patty Duke’s dad on TV from 1963–66 and in a reunion movie 33 years later), Bill Schallert began appearing in B-movies in the 40s, usually portraying a scientist or professorial type, and in the following seven decades worked in countless TV shows and movies, as well as provided his friendly voice for numerous commercials (I had the privilege of casting and directing him in one of those in the early 80s and liked him immensely).

I’m sad to see that Mr. Schallert has passed away at 93 but happy he had such a long, full life and successful career.

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I remember him in The Man from Planet X.

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Mainly from the Patty Duke Show.

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Ah…rest in peace.

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He was one of my favorites.

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What a good, long life. We should all be so lucky.

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Oooh…I remembered him, infact, I was just watching some old Patty Duke Show clips last night when I heard of his death. I couldn’t quite place his face but as soon as I saw him my recall was instantaneous.
He was a very distinctive guy. R.I.P. W.S.

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Oh yes. A very familiar face.

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