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Have you ever had a lucid dream?

Asked by Tbag (3330points) May 17th, 2016
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I had a lucid dream a while back and I’ve never been able to do it again. I don’t think I can muster the right words to describe the lucid dream I had, but I’ll give it a shot.

About a year ago, I was searching on the Internet about lucid dreams and I’ve always been into flying. I tried to lucid dream for months but I just couldn’t. One night, I was super duper knackered and I just fell asleep. I started dreaming about three of my close friends (we all lived in different countries). We were just out casually having a drink and it was so sunny. In the dream, a thought entered my mind… “This can’t be happening because I just had a Skype session with the three of them and there’s no way we can all be at the same place. HANG ON … Am I dreaming? Holy smokes I am dreaming.” The realization was literally inexpressible. I was so thrilled and flabbergasted that I knew I was finally dreaming and didn’t actually wake up.
Everything started becoming lucid, it was utterly vivid. About a few seconds of my realization, I decided I am going to fly. That was my only goal. I didn’t care if I woke up after flying I just wanted to fly. So… I ditched my friends… looked up to the sky… jumped and bolted from the ground and flew. It was mind-boggling. I kept going upwards, aiming for the clouds and I could feel the gravity trying to pull me down as I whizzed up. It was frightening. It was absolutely real… I felt the cold air on my face as I flew through the clouds. I felt the warmth of the sun on my skin. I was in control. I could go left, right, up or down. I was looking at the sun when I was flying above the clouds and the view was stunning. I started shooting downwards because I was so high up. So I decided to up my speed and that’s when things started falling apart… I flew over a couple of skyscrapers but with more and more speed… I was no longer in control. I ended up waking up just before I hit one of the skyscrapers.

When I woke up, I had the biggest frown you could possibly imagine. I tried lucid dreaming again but it never happened. So, tell me… have you ever had one? How was the experience? Did you try lucid dreaming? I’m curious and I want to know if any of you jellies are lucid dreamers.

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Yes, only once too, but I distinctly remember, consciously thinking, “this is a dream, just wake up” and I did. haha
I dreamed my car rolled down a hill above a lake or drainage canal of some sort and after I got out I was standing there thinking ” I can’t believe this is happening” it came sliding down the rest of the way and tipped over in the water. I then had the lucid thought of ” this is only a dream” and I woke up. What a relief, I didn’t actually drive my car into a lake. lol

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I’ve had this numerous times and it usually ends the same as you guys describe; I realize it is a dream and wake up. I’ve also had them where I’m screaming in the dream due to some violent circumstance and wake up with a real yell. I’ve also awoke struggling to breathe from drowning or choking. These are very lucid and real, usually not pleasant—although I’ve had some pleasant ones—and almost always during times of stress or indecision. Thank goodness it doesn’t happen very often. Usually I dream, but I don’t remember most of my dreams. I’ve always thought everybody had these on a regular basis.

I’ve never been able to successfully force a dream. I’ve tried since I was a kid. I usually fall asleep trying and dream about something else entirely. I would have had some really great dreams if I could control what I dreamt about, that’s for sure. But I’ve never been able to make it happen.

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Ever since I was little. At first I was in a dollhouse which just went where I directed it. I have regular places that I visit. Sometimes I can’t seem to get past certain barriers, other times I go without restriction. I have specific things that keep my third eye open.

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Last week, I awoke from a deep sleep convinced I was nudged 3 times gently but firmly in the back.
I saw the wife was fast asleep & knew it couldn’t have been her, creepy

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Several times. In my favorite one I once flew through the roof of the dorm I lived inm but I lost confidence in my ability to actually do that, so I got stuck there for a while until I got my confidence back. Then I flew to all the planets. It was very cool.

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@Dutchess_III Wait… all the planets?! Damn. I’m jealous.

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I’m telling you, it was cool!

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I used to do it frequently. After having surgery last year, I lost the ability to do it for a while, but I have been able to again in the last few weeks.

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@Dutchess_III flying ey, to all the planets? What kind of acid did you drop anyway? We know, all to well, what went down back in the 70’s. lol

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I never did do acid! I just have a great imagination.

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For whatever reason, my in media res lucid dreams are never “oh, I’m dreaming.” Instead they’re “oh, I can shape this world and its events however I want to!”—and for whatever reason I just accept it, accept that I’m in the real world but have control over things… and then I’ll wake up and be sad to remember that of course that had to be a dream.

On the flying theme—in the last couple of months I had a fantastic nap… was rather tired so even though it was day I fell asleep and actually fell into a dream. It was just me walking across campus, and running late, so I started to speed up—until I realized that I could just push off and fly through the air… It was a similar rocket-up and rocket-back-down… I never have that much control over the flying, like I’m over-steering/overcorrecting and it rockets a different direction. Still, it was this feeling of intense peace. Then I heard my phone’s alarm ringing, and became confused until I woke up to all of the projects I still had to do, which was like having my bundle of stress heaped on top of me a second time, haha…

I’ve also had dreams with deceased family members (honestly, mostly often my dogs…) or people I haven’t seen in years but I miss—and I’ll know they’re dead, or I’ll know I’m out of contact with them, but I’ll also just accept that they’re there. I’m a very believing person when I’m sleeping, I guess.

I have actual lucid dreams when I’m falling asleep— I’ll actively conjure up some scene I think would be fun—and I’m aware that I’m dreaming, not simply inexplicably imbued with super powers or experiencing the impossible… When I was younger it was always wormholes—I’d imagine the night sky, and when it got full enough with stars I’d imagine them zooming past me until they merged into a transparent white tunnel, and I’d be in transit to who-knew-where (I never knew where, so I’d just stay on the wormhole roller coaster until I fell asleep.) As I got older I’d invent story plots or borrow plots from stories I’d read. If you can catch yourself at that moment that your limbs feel heavy and stiff, and the darkness against your eyes suddenly seems to have depth—that’s when you can start building up a dream from scratch. At least, that’s been my experience.

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Most of my dreams are lucid. It’s like each dream is a new land and whenever I go there I immediately become a resident and I follow every rule there, no matter how absurd they may be. Once I was even punished for going to school early! I can easily tell from my dream whether I have a good sleep or not. I never tell anyone, but I’m always excited to dream because I can never guess what new adventure my head is going to give me every night. Sonetimes my dreams can even be a powerful tool to generate ideas for anything. It sounds really crazy but if you are looking for someone who lives off dreams, then you find me.

You asked this just after I dreamed of teaming up with some of my friends to rescue a friend about to be sacrified.

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Last night’s was especially wonderfully bizarre:

I was a TV or film style spy.

I was nearly caught and hiding. Obviously I needed to keep quiet. I begin to snore IRL and could hear it.


I don’t wake and start moving my mouth and tongue to quiet myself, unsuccessfully.

In the morning my wife says “I’ve never heard you snore like that before.”

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