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I'm considering getting a pet peeve, but I can't decide what kind. Advice?

Asked by thorninmud (20495points) June 6th, 2016
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Most of my friends have pet peeves, and now that my kids are gone I could use a little irritant in my life. But there are sooo many peeves to choose from, and I don’t want to adopt one that I have to give up in a couple of weeks.

So, peeve owners, what peeves make the best pets? Longevity is a big concern for me, as is upkeep; something that requires constant nursing along to keep it healthy is out of the question. I need a peeve that pretty much takes care of itself.

Also, what does your peeve eat, and how often? Can you take it to work with you? On vacations? How long have you had it?

Thanks for any advice!

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Congrats! You’re going to love your pet peeve. Some people are skeptical and feel that they don’t have the time to take proper care of the pet peeve. But I think you’ll find that whatever pet peeve you decide to get will need very little effort to care for. Most of these pet peeves travel well, and you can bring them anywhere.

I would recommend against adopting a pet peeve like tailgating or any other driving-related one. You may find that you are lonely and miss your pet peeve when you are not driving for some time. Find one that is related to human behavior in general and you’ll find that your pet peeve will be with you so much more and for a lifetime!

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That the microwave doesn’t allow me to turn of the ding when it’s finished cooking so it doesn’t sound in the first place. Also, that the microwave makes so much noise opening and closing it. How are you supposed to eat in secret if the whole house can here you?

That not all doctors wash their hands between patients.

That people will go to work sick and get everyone else sick without any concern about it. I know people need to work, but at least wash your hands more and think about how you can spread the disease as little as possible.

That all too often doctors and diagnostic centers charge much much more if a patient has insurance.

That children are expected to read at age 4 now. And, that learning math as a little kid now means you have to read well too, or you will fail.

Customer service people who aren’t happy about helping.

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Also, please make sure to send us a cute photo when you adopt your pet peeve. I’ve had to put down a few pet peeves recently, and I could use some cheering up!

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My pet peeve is with the dishwasher. Sometimes it leaves spoons and forks dirty and I have to let it soak in water and wash it again because the food dried hard on it. My washer is great at heating up caked on food on utensils but leaves a good portion of my dishes damp or wet. What the hell.
Anyway. I apparently feed my peeve dirty dishes. I know it’s insane. But I kind of keep wishing I didn’t have to partly wash my dishes before they went in the dishwasher. It kind of defeats the purpose of having one.

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Do you travel a lot? do you have room in your baggage for pet peeves and peeve maintenance? hair (if you have any) is EXCELLENT as a travelling pet peeve. There’s always weather wherever you go to help keep that peeve thriving.

Would you prefer a pet peeve you can leave with neighbours while you travel? if that is the case, I recommend a peeve that is connected to delivery sources of some type. lawn/garden care also offers great opportunities for leave-at-home-and-share-the-annoyance pet peeves.

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Grammar and spelling errors, including especially the misuse of apostrophes in pluralization and their omission in the case of possessives. If you want a robust, live-everywhere pet peeve, then this is it. Lives everywhere; needs no maintenance.

Definately [sic], this one.

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I’ve recently adopted a new pet peeve. Is that a peeve rescue? Must be. I picked it up after my dad moved into a retirement home and abandoned it.

Rain. Rain immediately after weeding a garden. Lush green grass to be pulled pulled pulled dangit pulled!

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@BellaB Ohh, a great traveling pet peeve is rudeness. It can go with you anywhere. On a plane, train, or via taxi. At a store, home delivery, home services, or even a doctors office. It’s everywhere at any time. Though not at your home unless you have kids or a rude spouse.

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I would recommend getting your peeve as a baby, so you can nurture it and train it up exactly to your specs. Someone else’s used peeve will never quite bond with you the same way, and never quite fulfill the level of irritation and frustration that you desire.
My pet peeve, that of people who are consistently and repeatedly late, is one I only need to feed or revisit on occasion, as I took the time early on to raise it up right. It’s now an older peeve, but still has some energy left.

I named it Oscar.

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My current pet peeve is the overuse and in my opinion totally unnecessary words “Look” and “Listen” by pontificators on TV news programs when asked a question…a new meme in this election cycle.

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Pushy, bossy, bitchy, meddlesome, control freaks with a penchant for self created drama. These pet peeves should be euthanized as they are not suitable for a compatible blend.

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May I second @CWOTUS‘s suggestion of grammar and add word use. These pet peeves are always around whenever you want or need them. They can be found everywhere: signs, menus, books. social media.

Some of my favorites:

They’re vs. Their vs. There
Its vs. It’s
Dangling Modifiers example: After declining for months, Jean tried a new tactic to increase ROI.

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I only drink/use milk from single serving containers. Fuck gallons. That milk crust falls back in the gallon and I don’t want that in this body.

I am not joking.

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One of my pet peeves is grammatical, and it’s growing into quite the big boy! Everywhere I look, apostrophes are escaping from possessives and popping up uninvited in plural words! Infinitives are splitting with impunity! News media goes to print without a basic proofreading! It’s insane!

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Slow drivers in the left lane.
Traffic jams resulting from rubber-neckers.
Women who say they are not feminists (!?!!)
Using “I seen” in a sentence.
The proselytizers who ring my bell Saturday morning.
“I could care less”. Literally the opposite of what you mean.
Using literally incorrectly – “I literally died”.
Random use of quotation marks
Sitting the new roll of toilet paper right next to the dispenser on the countertop.
The phrase “close proximity”.

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Presidential candidates. They come with such wonderful hair for grooming. And some are orange and probably glow in the dark!

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@thorninmud “Also, what does your peeve eat, and how often?

I get really cheesed by people who talk too much. I’m referring to individuals who over-explain everything, answer yes-or-no questions with 20-minute stories, and truly believe that conversations should always be their own monologues. The same people one-up everyone they encounter; for example, if a person says, “I had a root canal treatment yesterday,” chatty-chatty will respond with, “Well, I had two treatments last year…” and proceed to describe every detail.

Such people certainly do eat; they eat me alive, every time I encounter one.

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One type of pet peeve is a really petty thing that just bugs the heck out of you. My favorite now is the slogan for Planet Fitness centers, which is, “Judgement free zone”. Why do they put that extra e in the middle of judgment? I know that it is acceptable, but it is not the preferred spelling. Might it have been done deliberately to make the slogan more memorable?

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@LostInParadise – The Apple slogan drives me to distraction. Think Different. No. You need an adverb. Think Differently.

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I was just going to say not adding ‘ly’ to adverbs. Also, chewing your nails, snapping your gum and talking loudly (notice the ‘ly’) on the phone in a public place.

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I love snapping gum. Lol. It drives my husband nuts.

The adverb thing is quite annoying.

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Oh oh! I have one that I can share with you. You will never have to give it up unless people get their act together. ..... Bottled drinking water. The kind that people feel they need to tote around for whatever reason. Most of those bottles are not reused or recycled. It’s terrible for the earth.

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People who hog conversations. Or people who end their sentences with a preposition.

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No kidding @kritiper. So annoying. Why do they do that?

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The conversation hoggers? I don’t know why they do that but I wish they made a pill for it so I could ram it down their throats! (I’d start with my sister!!!)

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the Oxford comma

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The bra. Barely a hundred years old yet the bra has enveloped more followers than all religions combined. The most successful bio-mechanical cult fetish in all history. I’ll be glad for the day when the boobs who cherish them are exposed.

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^ ^ ^ Speaks someone who has never had to deal with the pain issues associated with going without support if one is large breasted.

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@Hawaii_Jake That’s the comma before the “and” in a series right? I don’t like when it’s left out.


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@canidmajor There have been countless methods for supporting breasts of all sizes since the beginning of time. The bra is simply the newest and most popular one that wants its followers to believe is the only way.

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Oh, good grief, what a load of crap.

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Just how do you think breasts were supported before bra?

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And currently… not every woman uses one you know.

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Thank you for asking, @RealEyesRealizeRealLies!

The bra has been around since at least the 15th century and I can trace a “cross your heart” style of rope tying of undergarments back to classical Greece.

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In this photo two of us are using rope-tying in Greek fashion and two are using 13th century supportive kirtles.

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I didn’t ask because I researched first… Caresse Crosby invented the modern bra. I noted countless other methods before that.

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Unless Careese Crosby lived in Lengberg Castle in the 1400s, she simply reinvented the wheel.

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Your photos are simply proving my point. Bra not needed.

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This is the Lengberg bra, by the way.

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@JLeslie Yes, it’s called either the Oxford comma or the serial comma. I’m a huge fan who never omits it. Here’s a great example of why, from a TV listing: “The highlights…include encounters with Nelson Mandela, an 800-year-old demigod and a dildo collector.” For the lack of a tiny bit of punctuation…

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From your link…
“The London Museum’s fashion curator Hilary Davidson has described the discovery as ”‘kind of a missing link’ in the history of women’s underwear,” because fashion historians have long believed that functional bras were invented only about 100 years ago.”

And the first computer was invented 100BC.

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The Lengberg bra is basically exactly the same thing available on shelf today. It’s hardly anything close to the difference between an abacus and an Pentium.

And if you’re actually suggesting women in the 21st century should bind their breasts with hemp rope in order to appease your bias against undergarments, excuse me while I laugh.

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That fabric hanging from the bottom of the left breast is not like todays bra, any more than a cocktail dress is similar to a bra. I wouldn’t be surprised if that fabric betrays that garment was once a night dress, and not a bra at all.

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Textile archaeologists disagree with you. It may have been attached to a skirt – that has not been conclusively determined, but it is absolutely a supportive undergarment.

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Agreed. Supportive undergarment does not equal bra.

@Seek ”...excuse me while I laugh…”

At least someone here got the joke.

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Original post… “I’ll be glad for the day when the boobs who cherish them are exposed.”

M’yes. Just a joke.

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I love how Social message threads meander naturally and find their own courses, just as normal conversation does. @thorninmud asked a very fun question about pet peeves, and we’ve moved along to The History of the Brassiere.

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I think you should get an alot.

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I like that alot more. _

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Political slogans. Australia is in the midst of a long election campaign. For us long means it lasts longer than a da… I mean month. This one won’t end until 2 July and it has already been going for three weeks plus. The current government thinks all they have to do is throw out three-word slogans and we’ll all vote for them. Stop the boats! Jobs and growth! Ugh…make it stop! Now I’m doing it.

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@Seek Yeah, when I thought about it, I realized that when it comes to pet peeves, I have alot.

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I am eating mixed nuts and just took off my bra. lol

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Yes, @RealEyesRealizeRealLies, women had support garments before bras, and yes, some women don’t wear bras.
I have recreated and worn period costumes, the support either wasn’t as good or was too binding. And I just bet I know a greater percentage of large-breasted women (I’m talking D to F cups, not grotesque but big) than you do and the number of us going without a bra of some kind doesn’t even register on the meter.

And why on earth is this a pet peeve of yours?

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No bra for large breasted women = sloppy. Very, very sloppy. It also impedes the ability to move gracefully and quickly, not to mention jump and run. That’s the reason they’ve been around, in some form or another, for hundreds of years….or more. It doesn’t take a lot of brain process to figure out that if they can be stabilized in some way, the large-breasted owners of the bra will be much more comfortable and pain free because the breasts aren’t slung around all the time…that is until their back muscles get older and have a difficult time dealing with the dead weight of two huge bags of fat hanging from the chest.

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I’m fairly small-breasted, and binding as would be appropriate for 8th century Irish costume is painful. You can’t tie it loose enough to breathe comfortably, or it’ll just slip off. If you have to run or carry heavy things, you feel like you’ll break your ribs gasping. I can’t imagine how someone with massive tits would feel.

Corsets are more comfortable than binding, but corsets are secondary breast support, not primary support. Their job is to shrink the waist and immobilize the spine. Other supportive undergarments are worn underneath a corset to give the breasts shape.

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I get so so jealous when I see small breasted women wearing those super cute sun dresses that have slender straps, and they don’t need to wear a bra because the dress is designed to support them, what there is to support. No way can I do that.

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One other candidate for pet peeve to adopt is the reversal of the customer service burden onto the consumer. In the name of saving money, stores have instituted self check out where the consumer does all the work while dealing with machines that malfunction constantly. Then there are the automated phone trees . . .Don’t get me started!

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Do you dine out with others ferquently? Perhaps you can pick up on the loud, obnoxious saliva sounds that they make when they eat.

dxs (15160points)“Great Answer” (3points)
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@canidmajor “And why on earth is this a pet peeve of yours?”

I was attacked, once, without provocation, as a young child, by a rogue bra. They never caught that bra. It’s still out there. On the loose, so to speak. Keep your eyes peeled.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies:My bra could take out your rogue bra in an instant. My bra has MMA training, and its strength is unrivaled. I’ll be on the lookout.

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^ The Iron maiden bra. lol

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@Coloma: Damn betcha! :-)

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Oh the ecstacy of just getting home and free falling after ripping off the bra. haha

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I think I’ve discovered a new pet peeve and I’m so excited! It’s when a man mansplains to a me what it is like to have female breasts and tells her what she should be doing with them. ‘Studies show…..’ If you don’t walk about with the extra front bumper-bags of weight every day, stfu.

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This one is bound to live a good long, productive life. People who don’t use turn signals. The best thing about this pet peeve is that you can take it along with you, in your car, to work or on vacations. It never makes any annoying sounds such as blink, blink, blink, either.

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Busybodies. They are everywhere.

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My favorite pet peeve, whom I’ve had for years is being asked my opinion, only to then have the asker argue that my opinion is wrong.

She’s a reliable old girl as she comes up again and again, but Christ is she frustrating.

Sometimes, I just wanna yell, “If you didn’t want my fucking opinion, why the hell did you ask for it?!”

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