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How does a clothing company use one model photo for endless clothing options?

Asked by metadog (378points) June 7th, 2016
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When you look at Under Armour’s site (or most other clothing sites), it looks like they have one photo of a model, then they put dozens of different clothing items on him. Clearly it is the same face (expression) and head, the body is always in the same position/shape. They couldn’t be reposing this guy over and over. Is that all Photoshop? Or is there some kind of special software that the clothing industry uses? Are they using a mannequin, or something? They do a great job of making the photos look like the model is actually wearing the outfit. You are hard pressed to find signs of retouching.

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Could be that the clothing itself is all CG, and the model is actually only wearing underwear.

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Many photos on Walmart are the same way – same model, same pose, same shadows, different clothing.

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Probably a combination of Photoshop and a well organised shoot (same pose and camera/studio setup between changes) to reduce the amount of Photoshopping required.

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I’m guessing: they put the clothes on a dummy the same size as the model. Then they shoot the model in the same pose as the dummy.

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