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Why do people always look for excuses instead of overcoming their laziness and fears?

Asked by feverray (36points) June 14th, 2016
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I know too many people who do not want to leave their comfort zone. They bury their biggest dreams and great ideas because of the fear to fail. We all have ups and downs and this is not a reason to give up what you want with all your heart. A nice dream is worth some risk. It’s my opinion. And what is yours?

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You only hear from the people who are looking for excuses, because the ones who have already overcome their laziness and fears may not be obvious to you or to anyone unless they want to toot their own horn.

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We all have different life experiences and different personalities. Some people are very risk-averse. Others not so much. For some people, change is very confronting. Other people like change or at least aren’t frightened by it. Consequently, I prefer not to judge people as lazy if they don’t take risks and pursue their dreams.

For what it’s worth, I’m not risk-averse. I like to challenge myself and that works for me.

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Leaving your comfort zone is stressfull and sometimes risky. Some people just don’t have the stomach for it. Also when some people take big risks and make quick life decisions others see that as reckless and irresponsible. It’s really hard to judge someone based on what your preferences are

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Your “fear to fail” is my “I like to eat”.

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Because that’s much easier and faster than having to admit to your incompetence. Save yourself from lots of shame too.

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And who are you to judge?

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