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Would you like to take a shot at guessing what this could be an image of?

Asked by longgone (19117points) June 30th, 2016
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Here’s a link for you: It leads to Ben’s new project, but you don’t need to sign up. Just scroll down, and you can see the question

I just moved to a new apartment so I am familiarizing with some of the new stuff here. Please look at the picture. Do you know what’s that for?

The object in the image looks like a key rack, but I don’t think it is. Thoughts?

Not the one asking that question, by the way. Just curious.

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I’m highly intrigued. The “fobs” hang from a backboard that includes numbering. There are ten such numbered hooks, with a few fobs missing.

I can’t tell where this is located. I see what appear to be sieves or strainers beneath it, and it makes me think this is in a kitchen.

And the whole scene, except for the sieves, looks old.

I have no clue. If the secret is revealed, please let us know.

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Yes, the OP of that question has said in a comment that it is right above the stove.

I’m really intrigued, too!

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^ above the sink.

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I’m thinking of things like these. I don’t know if they are a thing in America but here they’re pretty common. We have some at home. They can be used for almost anything that need hanging and not just keys. The only difference is that these are portable and your thing in the picture isn’t. And maybe it has numbers because it’s in an apartment?

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A key rack doesn’t make sense (though apparently, that’s all anyone can think of, going by the comments), because it would be really awkward and difficult to attach and detach a ring or individual keys from the hanging rings.

The rings slide and are numbered. That’s really odd, and must be essential to its function.

The sliding rings are kind of reminiscent of an old-fashioned curtain rod, but that doesn’t explain the numbers.

The only thing that comes to mind is a ticket or cheque holder, say for orders placed to the kitchen. But (1) who would have that in a house/apartment, and (2) the rings are still an awkward way to do that. Clips would work better.

Any way I look at it, I have to guess that it’s a novelty item of some sort.

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My guess would be that a former resident was the super of the building, and used that key rack for access keys to the other apartments. Pieces are missing because stuff gets broken over time.

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When the SO bought a house, it included something similar in a kitchen cabinet. Keys to the window locks, the sliding door locks, etc. were hung on it.

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Well, it’s homemade. It can be used in any way a person wants, I suppose.

Here is what Andrew said, “Do those slide from left to right? If it’s above the sink, my guess is those rings are there to hang things on so they can drip dry into the sink.”

Ben’s new project is…interesting. I tried to sign up but got an internal server error.

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I like the idea of Jelly. I kinda dislike that all the questions are anonymous, but I could get used to that.

I definitely don’t like that there’s no Android app. It functions on the PC just fine (though the site is clearly designed for mobile use) but the mobile site on my Android phone is tedious.

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How are the questions anonymous @Seek?
I like it too. But I also notice that there seem to be a lack of the standards of grammar and thoughtfulness that Fluther insists on.

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It doesn’t list the asker’s name. And if the asker comments instead of the user’s name it says “Question Asker”.

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Oh. So it does. Hm. Wonder why they have it set up that way? So people can ask horrible questions about pyjamas and food stamps anonymously?

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I’d assume it’s to encourage people to ask things they wouldn’t normally want their social group to know, and to reduce the likelihood that a person’s question history will affect future responses.

Kinda like how we quote past questions in the repetitive relationship BS questions.

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[Mod says] Moved to Social.

[longgone says]: Thanks. These are all really interesting ideas. Keep them coming! So far, I think I like @Seek‘s interpretation best – but how come the thing is above the sink?

As to Jelly: Yep, I’ve been playing around there quite a bit. It doesn’t replace Fluther for me (what could?), but it’s handy for questions I want a quick and simple answer to, especially on mobile. I feel like there’s not enough of a community built yet, and that’s why there is no peer pressure to keep standards up. Early days, of course. I hope they succeed and become the Fluther app I’d like.

I’ve seen a couple of questions about Fluther on Jelly, actually. Maybe they’ll cause some traffic here – that would be lovely!

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Well, I’m in.

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@longgone – in many apartment buildings, the kitchen is the room closest to the front door.

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@Seek Ah…that makes sense.

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@Seek “in many apartment buildings, the kitchen is the room closest to the front door.”

Huh. That’s a new one for me – in all my years of apartment living, I have actually never seen that. Perhaps it’s a regional thing.

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^ I think it may be true for Germany – if we’re talking small apartments, at least.

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It is a kitchen tool rack LIKE THIS.

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