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What does how you access (smartphone, laptop, desktop) Fluther, have to do with it?

Asked by fyvon (44points) June 30th, 2016
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If you want to ask how you do something in Fluther (eg. how to enter my topics of interest in my profile page) does it depend on what you’re using? If you’re using smartphone, this way? If you’re using a laptop you have to do it that way? Some people use different things at different times of the day. So, where are the instructions?

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People can access on smart phones via the mobile version, which is but really, there isn’t much difference. Just follow the prompts to ask a question.

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Welcome…Start with the Help page otherwise like @zenvelo said it is all really intuitive except for entering links like I did. That takes a little getting used to.

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@zenvelo it’s And there is really not much different @fyvon, in term of basic function like questions and answers and stuff. The mobile site lacks several additional features like the awards, topics, the ability to change your profile, the flag button and the chatroom.

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There’s a hell of a difference in how you access Fluther!

Mobile just shows you the basics you have to have to function.
Traditional Fluther shows you the whole Kahuna – Community feed, related questions, current lurve, the topics box. Lots more. When you ask a question on traditional Fluther there’s a preview box complete with the red squiggly misspelled line and all.

If you have the opportunity, you should try both versions. I only tried mobile recently and it opened my eyes as to why some users play by different rules than I, a desktop user, do.
It’s almost akin to the difference between talking on the phone and texting.

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What do you mean “play by different rules”?

Since I’m almost always on mobile, the biggest difference for me is the absence of the drop down choices following the @ sign.

Therefore, if someone has a fairly simple username, I’ll write it out manually, no problem.

However, people with multi word names with capitols and underscores etc. etc. are just too much hassle to deal with so I don’t.

Plus, I do my editing after I post my reply because it’s a lot easier than trying to deal with that tiny yellow box which only holds 5–6 lines of text at a time.

So, I’m not understanding your reference

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@Buttonstc, I guess it’s not just the @username that doesn’t drop down thing.
@ibstubro mentioned: “Community feed, related questions, current lurve, the topics box. Lots more. When you ask a question on traditional Fluther there‚Äôs a preview box complete with the red squiggly misspelled line and all. So, the diference is not onl re. the @sign and te small space re. editing.
@ibstubro maybe you can post the lots more list?

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I’m aware of the other missing features mentioned also but they don’t really affect my posting in any significant way.

But I’m still trying to figure out how that means that I’m playing by different rules.

I can access the site on the desktop version even tho I’m on my phone. Android does give that option. But most of the time I prefer to do without the extra features unless I need to flag some spam and then I switch over to desktop.

I prefer the uncluttered interface of the mobile version.

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Now, that’s new to me, @Buttonstc.
I did not know you could access the desktop version from a mobile device.
That could be a game changer, as far as this question goes.

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For anyone with an Android phone that is certainly possible.

Also, I know that about a year ago or more, Ben added the option at the bottom of the page for Desktop/Mobile to enable flagging regardless of what device one is on.

I know that if I do that with my old iPhone 3G, it can do it but everything goes at a snails pace due to the extra data.

And afaik, you still can’t successfully change your avatar photo to something you choose if you’re on iPhone.

But both versions are pretty much available to anybody regardless of which device they use since Ben made that option available on the bottom of each page.

A lot of sites are including that option nowadays (like because some people don’t like having to deal with the limitations imposed by the mobile version of a site.

For a shopping site like Amazon that can make a huge difference. For Fluther, not necessarily that much for me personally. But it’s nice to have the option.

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I use my phone and it limits my long winded smartass answers to a couple of paragraphs.

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We love your phone! @ARE_you_kidding_me
It’s only the long-winded ones I refer to.

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