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What would happen if Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson got enough protest votes to be elected President?

Asked by ibstubro (18804points) July 3rd, 2016
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A stoner in the White House.

Imagine it.

I suspect Paul Ryan could deal, but Mitchy-baby would likely have a stroke.
Apparently he’s already eaten his lips at the thought!

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What would happen? He would be President. He has said he will not get hi while in office if he gets elected. Not at all. He said he feels it’s important to be sober 24/7 while president. I saw him recently and he said he hadn’t smoked pot in 6 weeks. It doesn’t seem to me he was or is a daily toker.

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Weed is pretty much the last of the dudes issues. He was on real time with Bill Maher. While he accepts that climate change (in its current form) is a manmade thing he says the free market will sort it out. Oh, and woman’s health issues should be left to the state. You know like that thing that was just overturned in the supreme court about Texas abortion clinics. He thought that was wrong.

So he can fuck right off.

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^^Did he say women’s health issues should be left to the state? Ugh, I missed that. He basically doesn’t give a shit about controlling most of the social issues. He thinks government shouldn’t be interfering in who you love or women having control over their bodies.

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Yeah. He has said it multiple times. He says he is pro-choice (and I believe him) but he thinks Roe vs Wade should be overturned and the states should deal with it. Which is the dumbest fucking thing imaginable.. Oh, Trump.

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The entire world would burst into flames the same way it would if Clinton or Trump got elected President

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I would think that hell had surely frozen over.

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Not much. Gary Johnson was a fairly run-of-the-mill Republican until he realized that switching to the Libertarian party would get him the stoner vote.

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@JLeslie “He thinks government shouldn’t be interfering in who you love or women having control over their bodies.”

Eh, not quite. Like Ron Paul, he’s fine with government interfering in who you love, or with your uterus as long as it’s the state government doing it instead of the federal.

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It might be better than the present Republican and Democrat options. However, he would not get my vote.

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Beyond the realm of possibility.

He has about as much chance as Jill Stein does.

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@Darth_Algar @johnpowell Shit, this is the secret language of the “right” that I always fuck up. I remember sitting in my city gym (partially supported by city tax money) and two women I know complaining about “the government” and I said, “it’s ironic you are so negative considering we are sitting in a government gym right now.” Their response was, “but this is local government.” That was the first time I realized the definition of “the government” meant federal government in these very red parts of the country. Ironic considering local politicians in the area are often put in jail for bribery and all sorts of bad things. Although, almost all of these bad, local, politician are democrats and I guess that’s synonymous with federal (liberal, corrupt, anti-Christian ~) politicians.

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“A stoner in the White House.” Can you say Shrub?

I know, I know, it’s The Onion and it is just for fun

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Eh, Shrub’s got nothing’ on Dynamite Joe.

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Let me say that I would absolutely vote for any presidential ticket, even if it were Trump, that included Joe Biden as the VP just for another 4–8 years of The Onion’s Biden stories.

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