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Is there a way of reading .PDFs on an iPod touch / iPhone?

Asked by cage (3123points) July 30th, 2008
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basically what the qustion says. Maybe something to do with the e-reader. And I’m tlakin reasonable sized pdfs here too.

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You don’t even need an e-reader. Just click on the link in Safari or your email and it will open up. It’s as easy as that!

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…yeah… iPod Touch/iPhone can read .pdfs. Did you even try?

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aww thats great lovelocke… explain how they can.
do you lots think I’m retarded? ofcourse I know safari can read them, but what’s the use in that with my iPod touch? I have to be in wifi range – at home. geeze guys, think!

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btw Eambos, I don’t want to sound angry with you, nice suggestion, though I guess it’s a bit obvious.

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More “advanced” an answer, I suppose, is if your iPod is jailbroken, there are apps that let you cache sites/emails (see: attachments) to your local iPod.

Including the gmail app which does this automatically.

Did you even try?

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Yeah, you have to be in wifi range, but once it’s downloaded you should be able to read it anywhere. I hope that amswers your question.

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@Lovelocke, would you stop asking me if I tried? Have you ever tried not being a cock? and sadly I don’t have G-mail, I’ve got hotmail, which in hindsight was a bad choice.
I don’t particularly want to jailbreak my iPod either coz you never know if it’ll get broken.

@Eambos, yeah I think you’ve got the best idea then. I’ve got mail on my iPod with my sites email, so maybe I’ll have a go at emailing myself pdfs. GA’d

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Try this. It should help.

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@writerini, aww man, thanks for that. Sadly I’m a PC user. I know I suck. but you can have a GA since that is pretty much exactly the sorta thing I was after.

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I’ve emailed large PDFs to myself and had no problem opening them when I was on WiFi.

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@Cage: Lousy response to our good answers… I’m sorry to see that you can’t google OR say thanks.

Did you even try?

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DID YOU EVEN TRY READING MY ANSWER TO EAMBOS? no, didn’t think so, I GA’d him.

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