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Hypothetical question, what do you think the public's reaction would have been if it had been black officers shooting white men?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (22904points) July 10th, 2016
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Instead of the other way around.
Do you think the public would have reacted different.

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And in case any one is confused this it is about the 2 black men that were shot dead by white police officers ,that has been in the news lately.

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I don’t think generalizing about the “public’s” reaction to the actual killings makes sense, let alone speculating hypothetically. There are numerous reactions being expressed – from outrage to grief to indifference to “the had it coming.” How is generalizing helpful?

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I am wondering if the skin colours were the other way around ,would the the out cry have been greater,or less is all I am trying to say..

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Let’s put it this way: if the shoes had been on the other feet, there would not have been “a movement” poised to take advantage of the fact, and the President more than likely would not have uttered a peep.

Which is how it should be, after all.

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The NRA would have promptly condemned police overreaching by violence against people legally behaving.

There have been a lot of protests in the last couple years against militarized police, regardless of the color of the police.

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It may have made the evening news between talk of run of the mill local stuff.

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The reaction and resulting fervor would have been the same.

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Do some a research for an example of this and let us know what you find. Good luck.

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Murder is murder. Wouldn’t draw as big a crowd. But it still would be relevant to the point, that police kill too many unarmed people. Or kill when less lethal tactics were a reasonable means of subduing a suspect.

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@SQUEEKY2 We had a case in my state not too many months ago where an “other-than-white” cop shot a “white” person. AND that is the way it was reported by the media!

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