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Have you ever had a dream where you fell in love with someone you know...?

Asked by Sunshinegirl11 (1110points) July 10th, 2016
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And then wake up and suddenly have intense feelings for them?

There’s this guy who was in my class who I never talked to and then one night I had a dream about him. In the dream we were dating and we did everything together, we were best friends! I felt the warm fuzzy feeling you get when relationships first start.

I woke up that morning and suddenly had the biggest crush on him. (And I rarely get crushes!) 4 months later, after one date and never hearing from him again, I still think about him every once and a while.

It’s crazy how dreams and the human mind works huh?

Let’s hear your stories!!

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I myself have not, I humped a jelly in a dream once & she cut my cock off with a big knife

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Dreams often reveal yearnings and other deep feelings we have that may have nothing to with the people we dream about. I can’t recall having a dream like the one you describe, but often I’ve dreamed about being in love—or at least in lust—with women I don’t know. I usually wake up from these feeling both happy and a little sad.

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I spoke to the person who became my first girlfriend the day after such a dream. The dream felt sooo good, that warm fuzzy feeling the OP spoke of… I HAD to give it a try. Happy I did.

Dreams are notes to self, messages from our subconscious. It’s always a good idea to listen to what they say.

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Yep, but I’m not naming names! Not here!

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It’s the day dreams that kept me entirely too busy.

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It was an ephemeral feeling from an artificial situation created by your dreaming mind. Pay it no mind and see it for what it was; a dream, nothing more.

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I dreamed of my mom cooking me a buffet and I woke up loving her intensely.

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It can either be something you wouldn’t notice without your dream telling you, or your unconscious threw that in to distract you. There might have been something in there you missed.

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Everybody get out your ice skates! Heck just froze over. I just agreed with Hypo : P

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