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Has anyone ever strained/torn their Deltoid muscle?

Asked by Coloma (47155points) July 16th, 2016
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I fell and strained/tore my Deltoid muscle in my right upper arm/shoulder about 8 weeks ago. It is impossible for me to keep the arm immobile and I have now, re-injured it several times, most recently today. Does anyone know how long it takes this sort of injury to heal and are there any exercises I can do to help things along?

I am having range of motion issues that catch me by surprise and cause pretty bad and immediate pain. No, I have not seen my doctor, yet, but I might. I am not one to run to the Dr. for relatively minor issues but this is starting to get me down.

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Get ye to the Doctor. Is it muscle or something else?

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Yes, pretty sure sure it is my Deltoid muscle.
When I fell, I fell on my outstretched arm that was carrying a heavy object and it ratcheted my arm.
Common symptoms are pain when raising your arm in front of you or up from the side
Pretty textbook but since I have not been able to completely immobilize the arm I just keep aggravating the injury.

I know I need to just try and stop using it for awhile but easier said than done.
Arms are really important, we need both of them. haha
Just curious about others experiences. I will see my doc if it continues not showing improvement.

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@Coloma. Go to the doctor. Be prepared for a potentially expensive procedural recommendation though.
Soft tissue injuries aren’t really something that can be diagnosed with physical examination or x-ray (radiograph.)
An MRI may be required to get an exact diagnosis.

Hopefully, it just gets better for you.
Peace n love

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@MrGrimm888 Yes, probably an MRI but I am just going to be careful about lifting and over using it for awhile. I have been reckless in my activities and forgetful of taking it easy on that arm/shoulder. I just have to pay attention more. Thanks for your sharing.

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@Coloma, keep in mind a partial tear can usually be delt with without surgery. If you manage to completely tear something, surgery will be your only option. Take it easy.

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Dear @Coloma – I’m like you. I loathe going to the doctor when it might just be a bad bruise, a strain or something that will heal on it’s own in a matter of weeks.

I fell UP the stairs back in March and had a really impressive bruise and a sort of a “goose egg” on my leg. I figured I’d give it a rest and it’d feel better. Well, it felt “okay” enough to run on eventually, and after the first mile the endorphins kicked in and I hardly felt it.

So.. I ran a half marathon on it. And then..a week later a leisurely 10K on my usual training route. EXCEPT.. this time, I ended up unable to put any weight on that leg at the end of the run.
I went to “walk-in” (haha) orthopedics where they did an X-Ray and said: “Nope, no bone chip, no break. Rest and it’ll heal”... but it didn’t heal.

So, finally I broke down and went to a sports doc (orthopedic) from my running club. After MRI he said: Grade 3 stress fracture. Should take 12 weeks to heal. You’ve aggravated it so it might take longer. I should have gotten the MRI sooner rather than later.

So… moral of the story, I agree with the gang. Make post haste to the doctor for an MRI.
Without that reassurance that it’s a muscle it’s possible you’ve damaged a rotator cuff or something else other than soft tissue.

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