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Gen6 ipod nano wont sync to itunes, windows and itunes up to date?

Asked by kelz821 (2points) July 16th, 2016
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I have updated Windows and iTunes. I have a gen6 nano. When I go to iTunes, file, devices, sync is greyed. I have googled and read forums. What else can I do?

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Is your computer authorized? In iTunes for Windows, go to Account -> Authorize this computer.

I am just guessing here. Maybe the Windows update did no carry over the iTunes authorization.

Also, if you have authorized computers which might be defunct, it is a good idea to DE-authorize everything, and then sign in again from each machine currently in use.

How do I make iTunes deauthorize my old computers?

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I de-authorized all computers and authorized the one I am currently on. I am still unable to sync. When I plug/insert ipod into the usb port, it wants to open it with autoplay. It does not give me an option to open with iTunes. I hope this helps.

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Here’s another idea.

From the notes of this video (I hate videos when the explanation can be quickly typed out).

They found they had to update the driver after the Windows 10 update.

”- We found the apple device after much looking, and found it in the Portable device section. Yours might be different. Look for the Apple Device in the listing.
– The next step is to RIGHT CLICK the “Apple iPhone or iPod or iPad” line and select “update driver software” and “Browse my computer for Driver software”. Then Browse to C: Program Files (or Program Files (x86) | Common files | apple | Mobile Device Support| Drivers
– Hit “OK”, then “Next”
– You should see that it’s successfully updated your driver software.”

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I watched the video, I got to Mobile Device Support but under that drivers wasn’t there. The computer I am working with has Windows 7. Maybe that makes a difference.

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Found another video for Windows 7, did the steps and everything looked the same as the video so that is up to date,

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