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Why does my body feel physically sleepy and tired, but I can't go to sleep?

Asked by FlutherBug (1103points) July 22nd, 2016
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Hi everyone,

I am not sure if others have had similar experiences with this type of sleep issue….. Basically what happens is that I start to feel physically tired. I yawn, my eyes get heavy, and I do feel sleepy. But as soon as I lay down in bed and my head hits the pillow, I can’t sleep…...... No matter how many times I yawned before or felt tired…. It’s like as soon as my head hits the pillow something happens in my brain and I can’t sleep…..

Last night I started feeling sleepy around 10pm which is normal for me. I go to bed usually around 11pm ( or try to at least). I ended up tossing and turning in bed last night and did not sleep at all :(

It’s like my mind starts racing and my heart gets hyper just thinking of things…... Then I start to think about my childhood and I get really sad and start crying in bed.

Last night I went to bed around 11pm feeling tired…... I kept tossing and turning…. It became 1 in the morning….. and then 2am….. and then 4am…...... and then I slept around 7am for 3 hours…........

I’ve been taking Unisom here and there to help with my insomnia. I feel like I build a tolerance to sleeping pills too though.

For example I’ve taken a sleeping pill in the past (sometimes 2), and I would start overthinking and I would get hyper…..

What can I do ?

I feel physically sleepy but when I lay down I just can’t sleep…... I toss and turn…... It’s so weird to be physically sleepy but my mind won’t just let me…..........

P.S I’ve had sleeping issues since elementary

I can’t remember the last time I had a good sleep…

Can anyone recommend some things that would possibly help? Has anyone felt this way before?

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Try to force your mind to think of neutral things. My ex used to fall asleep quickly. He said he just thought of fog.

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Read a book. By “book,” I mean those paper things, nothing electronic. Avoid bright electronics before you go to bed.

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Don’t eat any thing after dinner, especially sugar or carbohydrates. Don’t exercise after 6 o’clock if you’re going to bed at 10. Make sure there is no light in your room, no lit clock, no computer or TV on lights, nothing, just darkness.

And when you lie down, focus on deep breaths in, while counting to five; hold your breath to a count of five, exhale to a count of five. Keep doing until you drift away.

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@zenvelo Thanks I’ll try the deep breathing thing

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Definitely go for the deep breathing and complete darkness. Make sure the room is aired well at all times. Extremely soft music at a low volume could soothe you. It may just be a long phase you are going through. Have you tried MELATONIN?

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Yes, of course I have, I’ve literally tried everything…. I have had insomnia issues since elementary. Melatonin does not make me sleepy. I’ve been in complete darkness too, reading books, etc…... Never really tried the deep breathing though….. Going to try it tonight so hopefully it works…

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Here ya go. This is a summary page of the technique described in the book by Hebert Benson, M. D.

You need to practice this several times and it will finally kick in. Don’t give up if it doesn’t work immediately. You are training your body to a new habit.

Also, when trying to progressively relax each part of your body (from the top down) It helps to physically tense up the muscles in that part first and then keep going further down, right to your toes.

For instance when dealing with your hands, make a tight fist and then feel the sensation as you just let those muscles go limp.

Do this with each different set of muscles and you’ll soon feel your total body relaxing. Don’t rush the process. Fully concentrate on each set of muscles as you physically tense and then relax them.

This also helps to focus your brain on something simpler.
You can also get the book which goes into more detail and since it’s an older book, some merchants have a starting price of one penny (plus about $4–5 for standard shipping charges)


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