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Have you found an easy way to restring drawstring pants?

Asked by JeSuisRickSpringfield (7820points) July 25th, 2016
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Every once in a while, drawstring pants need restringing. But in my experience, it’s always a pain in the neck. What method do you use? Has anyone found an easy way to do it?

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I had that job once about 50 years ago. I cut a coat hanger and made a loop in one end like a foot long sewing needle. But I mostly just don’t buy drawstring pants, except swimsuits. I buy something with a stretchy waistband.

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Duct tape one end to a chopstick..

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Last time I did it I used a crochet hook.

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Get a large safety pin and attach it to the end of the string. The safety pin is easy to keep hold of when threading it through the waist band

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What @Stinley said. I do this a lot and the safety pin thing is very effective. Tedious, but the most effective method I’ve found. I make a lot of scrubs and sleep pants for family members.)

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I used a pencil to restring my shorts. Just tied it to the pencil and worked it through.

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I go with @Stinley ‘s safety pin approach. They’re easy to wiggle through side seams.

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Safety pin. Then tie each string with a fat knot once you get both sides out, so that the knot will prevent it from happening again.

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I use a safety pin most of the time, but I’ve also used a kids crafting needle

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I’ve used duct tape to attach the string to a knitting needle.

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Last time I needed to do it I found a DIY video on YouTube. It’s my goto site for such chores.

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When making things that require a drawstring, I use a large safety pin and attach it to a length of ordinary light string. Threading the string is easy. I tie the drawstring cord to that and pull it through afterward.

It’s the same principle as those scenes in the adventure movies where they tie one end of a light cord to a rock and toss it across the chasm, and then follow it with the heavy rope tied to the other end.

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Attach a (closed) safety pin through one end of the cord, and work the safety pin through the fabric and around the waistband. This method always works for me.

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If the string is still there tie a new one to the end and use the old one to pull it through. If it is not then use a safety pin to work it through.

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Very similar to @SmartAZ only I used tie wire (it is more flexible), made a hook so it didn’t penetrate the material, threaded it through, tied on the string and pulled it back through.

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Thanks for all the answers so far! Just to clarify, I am unstringing the pants on purpose. They are part of a uniform, and the string gets twisted and caught up in itself because it is flat rather than a round cord. Restringing them is something I will have to do every once in a while, which is why I’m looking for an easy way to do it. Or maybe I’ll just have to ask a different question about preventing flat drawstrings from twisting up.

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Duh, use a round string? I dunno, that sounds like a situation where you just look and see what it needs.

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@SmartAZ Like I said, it’s a uniform. I am not allowed to alter it.

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Could you replace it with flat elastic? Sew the elastic in with the correct tension and sew on the ends of the drawstring cord to tie together for show? A tailor could do that easily for very little cost.

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@Stinley Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll look into it.

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