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If you think someone is crazy, but you get along with them, and they like you, should you get together?

Asked by Scrumpulator (564points) July 31st, 2008
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I mean really understands you, but you don’t understand them. You have no clue about them except for the fact that you know they adore you, are attracted to you, and a positive influence. But the whole thing is not being able to find other people that understand you so well. and being in at a point where your damn sick of being alone. And another thing, you cant predict them for anything. You never know what they are going to do, but its not all bad. Should I wear the pants here?

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Ah… a love question! My specialty.

Kinda murky wording, I’m going on the idea “They’re nuts but they know you like a box of crayons, you’re desperate but are unsure of THIS one”.

If that’s true, then desperation’s your primary motivator for entering a relationship with this other person… and that’s typically a good mix for a one-nighter, for a “friend with benefits”, not isn’t something you’d predicate an actual caring, respectful relationship on.

If they care for you, and by the sound of it they do, then it’s also perfectly fine (and very sensible) to set up a boundary: One where, as long as they remain TRUSTWORTHY, you can come to them, confide in them, and even turn to them for advice… the last of which is purely subjective to wether or not the advice includes murder, vandalism, or angry rants on Fluther.

Relationship? I’d rather not see that happen between you… but, I’d rather see you be able to reach into this question of yours and pull out a great friend as a solution.

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…Lovelocke? You take some sort of happy pill? That was… normal and… not sarcastic.

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My gf thinks my friends and I are crazy (totally true) but she thinks we are all good people, so she made the choice (she knew I was crazy before everything else started to happen). :)
Lovelocke is inspired :)

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Define crazy.

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Crazy = ADPVJDPj pjVPJVDSV80uvy0ds8v N)* VDS)*NV)DSV*N 0*N )*VNDS)*VNDS)*V

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Locke solved it all, Better not to, his point makes sense- This court is adjourned!

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both my ex’es have seriously said i was crazy, which is true, and they couldn’t really figure me out, but hey, it only stopped because i broke it up, so i see potential !

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Lovelocke. It’s what I do. Soon, I will Skypecast Lovelocke’s Lovely Lovechat… I expect you all to visit and listen :)

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I second Lovelocke!

Sounds like a person that would make a great friend but a terrible gf/bf. Especially if you don’t understand much about them. Don’t just be with them because they will have you, be with them because you are compelled to and are attracted to them, etc. If that’s not the case, then move forward and enjoy the fact that you’ve found a great friend.

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Crazy isn’t really such a bad thing…

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@jballou: Not often you can say that, is it? LOL

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@Loser – Crazy sometimes isn’t bad, you’re absolutely right.


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Yeah, I agree with Lovelocke.. keep some emotional distance, be friends, but I’d be wary of anything more.

There’s okay/dealable crazy and then there’s CRAZY (personality or thought disorders, etc.). I think everyone has issues, so most people are the former, at least to some degree. For the latter, I would not choose to invite that into my intimate space. I dated one for two years and I found that to be more than enough for me!

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well if shes absolutly crazy then don’t do it because she might be to attached or just a complete spaz

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opposites do attract.

Maybe the two of you just balance each other out in life. The ying to your yang, jelly to your peanut butter, etc.

Well you know what I mean.

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This would have been one of the times when I didn’t say anything because the thing that needed to be said was already said, but I do need to say how brilliantly Lovelocke said it.

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I’d rather be a little crazy, than a lot normal.

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