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As a completely unskilled/noncrafty person, I'm wondering if this wondrous bark could be made into furniture?

Asked by syz (35891points) July 30th, 2016
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I am in love with rainbow eucalyptus bark (here, here, here). Would it potentially be possible to peel a length off, attach to an area of wood, and then use a thick coat of resin to create something like a tabletop? (Kind of like this)

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Using a veneer off a log is a common way to put a decorative skin on furniture.

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That’s similiar to a tree on my old campus. The bark would naturally peel off in curvy strips. I think it’d be very difficulty getting shed bark to lay flat AND I think the effect you like comes from an age range in the the patches of bark visible. I don’t think the tree would surrender a multicolor slab unless you cut if off with a saw.

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OMG, that tree is beautiful! I’m going to take this to a friend who does woodwork. I’ll get back to you.

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I did a fairly extensive image search for furniture or tables made using rainbow eucalyptus and I found none.
It’s popular as a faux finish or applied photograph image, however. I have a friend of mine that was applying posters (like Marilyn Monroe) to the fronts of old, painted dressers and the results were amazing. She said it took the patience of a saint, getting the poster perfectly straight and flat. Still, it would be super cool on the top of an end table. Heavily polyurethaned, of course.

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@ibstubro Yeah, I found a product called Unicorn Spit that leans in that direction, but nothing with eucalyptus bark.

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I’m certain that there is a local craftsman that can help you, @syz.
Call your arts council and ask them who’s painting furniture. Who’s doing faux finish on furniture. If you were local I could have you hooked up by dark.

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