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I am really nervous... What could this dream mean?

Asked by Nevada83 (828points) August 8th, 2016
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I had a dream that my new boyfriend moved to Iraq and that he never talked to me on Facebook again after that…

He hasn’t been on Facebook since yesterday…

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It doesn’t mean anything unless you want it to mean something.

How do you know he hasn’t been on Facebook? Because he hasn’t posted anything?

Do you communicate with him in other ways? If the only way you talk to him is on Facebook, i would suggest taking a close look at whether he truly is your boyfriend.

Oh, one more question: is your boyfriend Iraqi? Why would you think he would move there?

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No, he has not been on chat for at least a day…

But now, he’s back on… So I kind of panicked too soon…

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Do you even talk to him other than on Facebook?

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What you dreamt is completely normal. It means you are insecure in your relationship with your boyfriend. It’s completely normal to be insecure in new relationships.

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Relax, @Nevada83. Dreams are products of the subconscious, ia gristmill of countless fragments of past, present and future fears, hopes, memories, other emotions, and nonsense. And the grist that fills it every day from numerous sources (news stories, social media, conversations, TV, movies, etc. etc. etc.) is in endless supply.

While dreams can sometimes tell us much about what’s going on in our lives, I urge you not to waste too much time, energy and especially nervousness taking them too literally. They are pretty much immune to the laws of reality and more likely, as Ebenezer Scrooge famously observed (and slightly updated for this comment), little more than this:

“Your boyfriend may be an undigested bit of beef, a blot of mustard, a crumb of cheese, a fragment of underdone potato. There’s more of gravy than of grave about him, whatever he is!”

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It means your dreams reflect what you are feeling.

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I think you are just nervous…..hopefully it all
worked out!!

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