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Any advice on how to start a blog?

Asked by Lemley (285points) August 8th, 2016
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I want to start a blog and have absolutely no idea how to do so :) Where do I get this nice internet space where I can post whatever? How do I make it known, when it’s ready to greet the world? Are there any blogging rules I should know about?

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Call_Me_Jay's avatar is (I think) the biggest platform. They make it easy.

I had a blog for a while, and based on my experience…

The hard part is blogging often. The blogs we follow update A LOT, otherwise we lose interest and nobody follows.

Start a blog now. Right now, today. But don’t use your best idea for a blog name – this is practice blog.

Don’t tell anybody about this blog yet. So no pressure.

Write an entry at least every day. It doesn’t have to be good. Just write. Write and write. Get used to writing and using the blog.

Set a deadline to go live, after a week or two weeks of practice.

Start a new blog with your awesome blog name, and start blogging for real!

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@Call_Me_Jay Thank you :) So you suggest I make a baby blog before anything serious.. Okay but what do you mean by “set a deadline to go live”? I didn’t get that part Oh and how do I actually get me a few followers after I know it’s time to?

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I would set a deadline to make yourself work to get enough good material for a public blog.

Finding followers is hard. I don’t have great advice for that. After a couple of years I had a no regular readers and nobody left comments.

But obviously it’s possible to build a popular blog. We all follow some.

You need to focus on a subject and hang out online with fellow enthusiasts and let them know you have a blog.

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Gosh. That reminds me…I need to check on my own blog! It’s been a while.

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I would pick a theme and see if you can come up with several outlined posts for it.

The biggest factors in whether or not a blog succeeds are:

1. Interesting content
2. Consistent content

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When you’re ready to share a blog with the world and want to make it look as beautiful and professional as possible, consider going on to some place like Fiverr and paying about $5 to get someone to design a logo, a custom header, and a background for you to really personalize your blog. You can even pay someone $5 to do promotion for your blog for you.

If you’re looking for a PLACE to blog, I would suggest WordPress. Been using them for years, and they’re super easy.

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