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What happens when yogurt goes bad?

Asked by syz (35793points) August 2nd, 2008
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So, I just discovered that I have to throw away a bunch of outdated yogurt in my ‘fridge. If yogurt contains active cultures, do those cultures overgrow or are they outcompeted by other types of organisms? Or does something completely different happen?

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Other than the little green sweaters that grow alarmingly on the surface, there is a tangy taste (like old-fashioned butter milk or real sour cream.) I don’t know anything about the chemistry, but I say, if in doubt, add to compost.

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P.S.Somewhat like the bite that unpasturized cider gets when it starts to ferment.

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I think it’s similar to sour cream, in that it’s already fermenting (giving it the tangy taste) but has not finished fermenting (i.e. completely going bad and being stale). So the expiration date is there to tell you that it’s been fermenting too long, thus going from slightly tangy and fun, to stale and moldy.

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What happens when good yogurt goes bad? It steals four lawnmowers at 2 A.M. I think you better check the shed, syz!

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hhhmmmm, I guess it goes in the trash. I wouldn’t take a risk with spoiled dairy…

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When it starts to go bad it knocks off a gas station or two. Then it quickly graduates to banks.

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and mugs old ladies, too.

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writes bad checks

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and it says.“I’m from the government, and I’m here to help you.”

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makes the cottage cheese drive the getaway car

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