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How do you handle being in limbo?

Asked by kevbo (25672points) August 3rd, 2008
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Generally speaking, how do you make decisions, handle situations, and make progress with an issue or your life in general when things are in limbo? I’m interested in anecdotes as well as examples/suggestions. Metaphysics is also welcome.

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After trying to kick myself in the ass, I pick myself off the floor, chuckle and get down to business

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I hate being in limbo. I hate school/I hate not being in school. It’s a complete lose/lose situation but I just leave it be and will chug on until I reach uni :) I find trying to enjoy whatever I’m doing in whatever zone helps, and music, music always helps. And cookies. mhmm.

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Most days, I just keep on movin’, but every now and then I just break down and have a good cry. Then, back to the grind, keeping in mind it won’t last forever.

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Find something new and amazing to do, and then do it until I get good. A hobby, a new job, a sport, something to learn. Being productive, as obnoxious as it sounds, works.

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I flip a coin and let it land on the ground, or roll a dice, if I have one.

Everything is a logical Chaos and every decision ultimately leads to our death, which is ironic because another thing i have realized, every decision we make, is the right one, leading to the happiness we all desperately seek, it’s just sometimes we take the long, hard way.

So when faced with “limbo,” flip a coin, roll a dice, scream, spin in circles. In the end, it all ends, anyway, why not have some chaos along the way?

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I don’t handle limbo well at all. Here I am at my age, and it is still true. I recently was waiting for a month to learn whether my husband would be laid off. I made all the contingency plans in case he was, but after that I was in a weird stasis.

I had trouble working, I had trouble creating, I had trouble being kind to myself.

The best antidote for me during that time was talking to and being with other people. It helped my focus on something other than my Sword of Damocles situation.

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On a side note, I first thought this tread said limmo not limbo, so i was about to say, just stay cool and watch your champagne spilling.

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(n.b. limo)

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@Magnus Thread not tread. Also, got any extra of the bubbly?

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1. When I get too busy to remember I was in limbo, I’m not in it any more.
2. Limbo is prison. Get out of there! Whatever it takes, resist and prevail.
Do not knuckle under. Sure it’s part of life: the part invented by Satan. Don’t
accept or examine it. Go kick some ass. Do something awful. Do not
get metaphysical!! Take action!!

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I do as Dori said in Finding Nemo, “just keep swimming, just keep swimming.”

When I am limbo and have no control of the situation or getting myself out of the situation (such as Marina’s example of waiting for news of a lay off), I prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Then I try to find a good book so that I always have some refuge when my thoughts start spinning out of control. The other thing I try to do is create projects that I can start and finish, like cleaning out a closet, I find the feeling of accomplishment gratifying.

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I stretch and try to get lower than the stick while wiggling my butt.

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I’ll tell you later ;-)

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