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What does it mean to dream that you start to like a girl?

Asked by Aaron252 (7points) September 18th, 2016
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The weird part about this dream is that I’ve never met that girl in person or real life and I don’t know what it means or symbolizes

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It means it’s not worth bothering about. If it happens a lot… well then you have my sympathy.

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You’ve literally just discovered the girl of your dreams!

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I think there are many “potentials” out there. Your dreams are letting you know that.

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She is a real girl that you’ve seen or just one in your imagination?
Reading between the lines is the best way to interpret dreams.
You want to meet a girl like the one in your dream and have her as a girlfriend.

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See if you can remember someone from your past life..) On a serious note she might be someone you would like to meet / think as your perfect partner with those characteristics.

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How the dream made you feel is more pertinent than its imagery or “symbolism.” Happy? Sad? Hopeful? Wistful? Think about that and then try to connect that emotion with a past, present or future event.

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Maybe you are picking up that she is thinking about you?

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It could be a succubus. Or some other dream spirit. Or something else. If it were my dream, I’d think it had something to do with my interest in a romantic relationship, and try to read it with my feelings rather than analyzing the symbols.

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Nothing at all, forget about it and move on with life among the conscious.

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You are either hitting puberty and expect these dreams nightly or you are a 40 year old virgin and your parents are threatening to kick you out of their basement if you do not find a job and move out soon.

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It just means you’re frustrated and your mind is entertaining you, the best it can.

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