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Question about chickens eggs...

Asked by Queenfiona (46points) September 21st, 2016
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What happens when a chicken has a normal egg (unfertilised)... does it just sit on it for days and days?

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Unlike wild birds, domestic chickens lay and incubate many unfertilized eggs throughout the year. Because they are unfertilized, they will never hatch. If left under the hen, the egg will rot and despoil the nest and the hen may abandon the nest altogether. Wild birds lay only a few unfertilized eggs during mating season and incubate them along with their fertilized eggs. When the brood takes flight, the nest is often abandoned along with the unfertilized eggs, Sometimes, as in the case of Eagles and Ospreys, the couple return to the nest the following year and all traces of the eggs are gone, usually due to predators or weather.

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Yes, what @Espiritus_Corvus said. I have kept chickens for years and the hens will often go “broody” and not want to leave their nests even though the eggs are infertile. If you collect eggs every day there is no issue, but sometimes you have to remove a hen from her nest and cage her for a week or so to snap her out of her broodiness. We do that here on occasion.

Just released a hen back into the flock the other day after having her sequestered in a rabbit hutch for 3 or 4 days to break her broodiness. I have also had surprise chicks hatch that were a missed egg or two that were hidden/buried in the litter and then one day, there is a chick or two following mom around. haha

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