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What work am I doing on the site?

Asked by andrew (16479points) October 11th, 2016
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I thought I’d answer a few questions about the site and the recent changes.

I sold my stake in Fluther sometime in 2012 and haven’t been involved. Recently, Ben very generously asked me back for a short time to stabilize the site and update the codebase, which hasn’t seen a lot of work over the last 5 years.

Additionally, I’ll be removing all the ads from the site and I’ll be adding some integrations with Jelly, things like “related questions” and “related topics” on the sidebar—ways to surface interesting content across these two sites.

It’s wonderful to see the community still going strong. This Saturday will mark the 10 year anniversary of Fluther!

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Mahalo, Andrew.

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Thank you for all you do.

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Really great to see the new stuff working.

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I didn’t know about Jelly. I just looked at it and still don’t. Looks like a version of Fluther in some modern style that doesn’t explain itself and makes me think it’s designed for a phone, so I’d rather be on Fluther. Am I right that it’s a phone-styled Fluther, essentially?

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Thank you both for the vision you brought together and shared with us 10 years ago.

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I like the Jelly related stuff that just showed up, that green really pops ;-}
Also, 10yr anniversary? I believe some sort of party is in order…I can hire out our house staff if you like

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Thanks for the oasis that is Fluther.

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@Zaku – in my limited experience with Jelly so far, it’s more like General-section Fluther, without the strong community we have here. Granted, the users at Jelly haven’t been up in each others’ grills for ten years already, so that’s to be expected.

More straight answers, less chit-chat.

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Andrew! Hi and thanks!

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@Seek Hmm. Looking at a few more questions, they seem to be conspicuously missing a description section. On Fluther, if someone asks, “What am I supposed to be doing on my 31st birthday?” with no description, I’m going to have a hard time not pointing out in a snarky way that they’re ridiculous to ask that without giving any other information.

Similarly with “My photos look washed out on my Nikon d7000. What am I doing wrong?” – gee try giving some info so someone might have a shred of possibility of answering it.

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^ They do have that. Look at this one.

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I am totally baffled by the new Jelly column. I don’t get it, am I dense? Is it just a link to another site in case we are interested?
Never mind, I like chit chat so will stick with this jelly scene like glue.

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Oh, so there is one question with minimal description. People seem to just mostly not using it, and getting answers anyway. Sometimes answers asking for details… but not getting any, that I’ve seen so far. It kind of makes me nuts reading questions with so little context getting answers.

Like “” (no details) and the first two (only, so far) answers. Wat? Also I see nothing about who asked the question, so I can’t even tell if the second answer is the OP or not. It makes me wonder how stoned the users are.

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All the questions on Jelly are anonymous…

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@Zaku This is a little surprising to me. Are you only just starting out on Jelly? I’ve been there for months now, and the questions definitely do have details. The OP shows up as “question asker” to maintain anonymity.

It’s a nice place. Won’t ever replace Fluther for me, but I don’t think it’s trying. It’s not really about debate so much, more about quick and helpful answers. It’s very different from Fluther in many ways, but very similar in its atmosphere. I love both.

I promise I’m only very slightly stoned right now.

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Ya I just learned it existed today, and I’ve only browsed a couple dozen questions so far, but most of them have me thinking “well that really depends on the details you didn’t provide… how can you possibly expect a useful answer without saying anything at all except that one-sentence generic question with zero context?”

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@Zaku Followed topics yet? That made a huge difference for me. Jelly gets a lot of traffic, so you need to filter questions. The incoming stream is too much to take in. I’m working on customizing mine to perfection at the moment, it took me a while to get that.

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Especially if the asker is anonymous, so presumably it’s not the start of a chat? It also has me reacting “how can anyone think these questions have generic answers that would apply to everyone?”

“What am I doing with my life?”

“Is there a way to have wifi without a cable subscription?”

“I am doing work experience in a nursery and they make me do more work than them. What should I do?”

“No friends but turning 21. I will ask family to celebrate, is it odd? What happens at a 21st birthday?”

“How to flirt with my guy friend without seeming too desperate?
* Help ASAP”

“What to do when no one understands you?
* Everyone seems to think I’m ridiculous when I express my feelings?”

Some are clearly just playful but if anything seem like comments on the format/style of other questions since to me they underline the silliness of asking such things:

“Why are my friends cooler than yours?”

If these were asked on Fluther, wouldn’t they be referred to the user guidelines and/or get lots of replies asking for details and saying everyone is different and there is no one answer, and/or what are they really asking or something?

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@longgone Ok thanks for the tip. I told it I had three interests. I’ll give it some time – this is just my initial reaction.

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@Zaku The OP can respond to requests for clarification, if that’s what you mean. But yes – Jelly is about brevity, that’s one of the differences. It’s mobile-based, so that makes sense. I use it as my go-to friendly internet place when I’m away from home. Fluther is for relaxing in the evening.

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Thanks in bunches… additional lurve still on the table, don’t like seeing people pat each other on the back for nothing? :)

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I just clicked over to askJelly and I decided I like Fluther a lot better. The format on Fluther is so much easier to read and navigate.

jca (36059points)“Great Answer” (7points)
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But, but, but…where is the “related on FLUTHER” column? Have all of those related Q.‘s been bumped for the askJelly site Q.‘s. I do not like this, no, I do not. haha

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@andrew I love that you have fixed search and stuff, but frankly, after a few days, I really miss the “related” from Fluther actual. I have enjoyed following the trail of “related” questions from the past. I find it interesting to see how some jellies have shifted their perspectives over the years.
I’m afraid I just have no interest in “” at all.

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Perhaps if it is possible to have a button on top or a sidebar where one could opt to see related on Jelly questions but keep our related on Fluther questions, that would make us happier although it might not serve your purpose of cross-pollination?

Dutchess_III's avatar doesn’t seem to have the intelligence level of Fluther.

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…& we are unanam…unanymo…unanimu…& we are largely in agreement on that.

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Thanks, @andrew!

Wow, ten years.

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Thanks for everything.

Peace n love.

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@andrew, I really appreciate your work and Ben’s to keep us going over here. I do agree with others above, though, in missing the “Related” section. In my opinion the “Jelly” sidebar lowers the tone by a lot. The questions sound very juvenile and poorly written. Also, the color of the sidebar clashes unpleasantly with the color scheme of Fluther and seems to insist on attention rather than simply offering to add something.

I looked at the other site, and I’m sorry to say that nothing about it appeals to me. I hope we’re not going to be asked to transition over there. It doesn’t look like my kind of place.

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I’ve been on Jelly and answered a couple of questions. I quite like the problem-solving aspect but the chit-chat is definitely missing and the quality answers are rare, unlike here. I said before that one reason I like Fluther is because I think we are adding to the body of human knowledge. I miss the related questions, even just glancing at them to see the similar things that have been asked over the years.

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@andrew Please can you change the links to open in a new tab rather than taking us away from Fluther when we click on the link. I really hate that.

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@Stinley If you right click on the link it gives you the option of opening in a new tab.

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I’m glad I came over to try and figure out what that related on Jelly box was all about. I’d clicked on it a few times and couldn’t figure out why I’d been sent to a down-market Yahoo Answers.

Much luck with the development of that site. Hopefully it will become stronger as people learn to ask clearer questions.

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My biggest issue with Jelly so far is the complete lack of a social feel.

Even when someone rates your answer as “helpful”, the site says “Andrew marked your answer helpful!” or whatever. But if you click on the notification, it takes you to your answer. Then if you click the “helpful” list nothing happens. Who is Andrew? Why does he think my stuff is helpful? What questions has Andrew asked? Is there anything else I can help Andrew with?

No one knows…

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I best stay away then coz if it relies on Andy marking my shit, then i’m screwed :D

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Wow, it has sports as an actual topic…refreshing

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@andrew Is that you on the IPhone 7 Sprint commercial?

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@chyna Nope, just a doppleganger. I have a Buffalo Wild Wings, Buick, and Progressive spot that should making their way out.

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Really? Cool! Can you post them here?

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