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Roll our carpets and greet a new person for the 10k mansion!

Asked by Mimishu1995 (20790points) October 16th, 2016
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Let’s congratulate Stinley for her reaching 10k! A knowledgeable Francophile, level-headed thinker and the latest mod, I thought she should be there a long time ago!

And can you spread your French love to the rest of the mansion? :)

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I’m not sure want you spreading “your French love” near me but mazel to wondefful Anglo and Francophone! And a libraian to boot! How much better can you get!

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“Book’em Stinley”.
Great stuff.

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Edit: “librarian”.. Hangs head in shame and waddles away.

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Stinley! My favorite Brit!
Welcome to the Mansion, darlin’. Join us out in the sun by the pool. Would you prefer a cold, tall, fruity piña colada, or a crisp, tart mojita over ice? How about some pancakes with that, M’Lady?

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Congratulations! So glad you have made it to the mansion. All in the same week as our 10th year anniversary! This is truly a party to behold. This will go on for weeks.
I absolutely love librarians.

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Congo rats and a great googlie wooglie! You rock!

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Congratulations @Stinley on your move into the mansion! :) Well deserved! Enjoy the view!

And as always, thank you for your tireless, marvelous work as a mod!

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Congratulations and welcome aboard.

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Grazzles O:

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Welcome to the mansion. Pancakes for breakfast (or anytime you like!)

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Pardon the dust, we’ve had @ucme’s staff working overtime on your new suite!

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Congratulations! Enjoy the fluffy towels :)

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Congrats on the well deserved 10K! Thanks for stepping up to the plate and modding. That should be worth a lot of lurve!

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Congrats to a wonderful mind in the tidepool!

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Congrats and welcome to the mansion! It’s Autumn here in NY and the weather is nice. Perfect for some coffee or tea on the patio!

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Whoa-ho-hoooo Nellie! I saw you coming up behind me in the rear view mirror so I knew you would be here soon as well. COME ON IN and make yourself at home!

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Congratulations, Stinley! (And to anyone else I’ve missed, like @kritiper)!

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Psst! @augustlan , here’s the @kritiper party!

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Félicitations ma chere Stinley! Keep the champagne flowing and the mansion lights flashing to the beat of the Caribbean tunes!

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Congrats @Stinley! Keep going!!

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Dear all

Thank you for my party. I’m very touched by all this. Happy 10K to me and Happy 10 years to Fluther too. I think the timing must be a sign of how entwined my life has become with the Fluther world!

@Mimishu1995 thanks for asking this question and being a delightful host.
@janbb I can’t promise not to spread my French love! Bisous!!
@Tropical_Willie I just got that, after the third reading. I actually thought ‘but what does he mean, Book ‘em? I’m not a police officer…’. I get it now. Slow.
@Espiritus_Corvus yep, all of that will do. Can you bring it out to my sun lounger please?
@chyna and librarians love you! Well this librarian does and I’m sure I can vouch for @jannb too
@filmfann thanks. I’m not sure what a googlie wooglie is but it sounds like fun. Is it a bit like a conga? I remember a library party where we did a conga round the government publications collection. Happy days.
@Soubresaut I’m not sure it’s tireless work but thanks!
@Jaxk thanks mate. I’m enjoying the view!
@Hawaii_Jake mòran taing (I did have to look that up!)
@JoyousLove hey I looked grazzles up. I’m offended, n00b!
@Yetanotheruser I’ll have the pancakes alongside the drinks I’m having on my sun lounger.
@Seek Dust? I don’t see dust. It saves me a lot of time when it comes to housework
@BellaB you fluffed the towels for me. Thank you, that’s very kind.
@LuckyGuy thank you. Just doing my job sir. That was my police officer impersonation.
@marinelife a wonderful mind? Surely you mistake me for someone else! But thank you very much, I shall enjoy that compliment
@jca Shall I pop the kettle on then and make us a nice cuppa?
@kritiper Why thank you. I was a long time getting here. Must try harder…
@augustlan Don’t forget @elbanditoroso
@ZEPHYRA merci beaucoup. C’est un bonne fête. Maintenant, on va tourner la musique !
@imrainmaker thanks! Back at ya!
@ANef_is_Enuf thank you!

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@Stinley: Awww, nuuuuuu…. There is a forum that I use… Every time you earn one of their achievements, it says, “Congrazzles!” In the dialogue that pops up about it. :( I didn’t mean to offend… And had never heard the definition given there, on UrbaneDic~

T___T Now I feel bad…

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@JoyousLove it’s ok. I like the word too, not the definition. We should start using it in a nice way and change the meaning!

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@Stinley You’re welcome. Enjoy some drink and cheese

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@Stinley – You’re welcome…) Nice coincidence for your 10 k and 10 yrs of Fluther!!

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@Stinley Ou se akeyi yo, zanmi m ’ !

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Well WOOT! Some people mange to fit in so seamlessly it’s like they’ve been here forever. Seems like you should be closer to 50K than 10! Congratulations.

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@Dutchess_III thanks, that’s a lovely compliment

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@Stinley: Gosh, frand! What a wonderful idea O:

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@JoyousLove aww, I looked that up too. You can be my fbbf

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A big congrats to you @Stinley!!

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@Stinley, la musique avant toute chose!

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@Stinley: But… Couldn’t I be your fbgf instead? o: (I had to look up fbbf… It said facebook boyfriend?)

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(Could be best friend?)

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@Seek: Why… Didn’t I think of that? D:

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I’m late to the party again, but congratulations to a class act. You do this place proud!

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@JoyousLove bff is best friend forever. You can work out what the first f is!

@forestGeek thank you. Come in, sit down, have a drink. I’m sure there are some pancakes around here.

@ZEPHYRA la musique rend tous les soirees mieux

@stanleybmanly I’m still partying! Me and @ZEPHYRA are dancing to some crazy french beats

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@Stinley: But.. You said fbbf, not fbff.. .-. Fluther best friend forever? :D

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And here I thought you were already in the mansion from a long time ago.

But congrats anyway. An extra librarian is always needed.

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@Buttonstc thanks. I do believe there can never be too many librarians

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Congratulations @Stinley! I missed this one. You’re a great member of the community. Glad you’re here.

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@Stinley !!!!

WTH…where was I when this party unfolded?
I am more than fashionably late, I am belated beyond forgiveness. I adore you and your precious, beautiful girls! Cheers and hearty congrats girly!

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@Coloma I forgive you for lateness, glad you showed up. We’re on clear up duty now so you are just in time to help!

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I’ll stick around too! We get to take home the leftovers!

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You and I reached 5k together, and I challenged you to a race for 10. Well, I left, missed your big achievements, and now I am starting over again.
Congratulations, from my heart.

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Congratulations @Stinley! You are a joy to have in the collective!

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@Patty_Melt now I know who you were!

Aw thanks @marinelife

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Holy shit crap!

Sorry, @Stinley! Not only did I show up late, but I forgot to congratulate the guest of honor!

Congo-rats, @Stinley!

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I hadn’t even noticed @Strauss. Thanks. This party just keeps giving :-)

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