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What dreams and fantasies do you have that you say you need to win the lottery to do, but really could do them now?

Asked by JLeslie (61548points) October 17th, 2016
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What holds you back? Is it just the money? I once read about a woman who win the lottery, and on of the first things she did was file for divorce!

A lot of people talk about quitting their jobs, could they maybe change jobs anyway? Do they have to wait for the windfall?

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I could visit the US tomorrow, stay there for months if I felt like it.
Nowt to do with money i’m just shit scared of flying that’s all.

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@ucme Do what my grandma used to do, take the Queen Elizabeth across the Atlantic. Cunard cruise lines goes back and forth from England to New York and Florida constantly.

Other cruise lines do very inexpensive repositioning cruises certain times of the year. Take it one way, stay a while, and then cruise back. Or, you can stay on the ship and go up and down the coast, or around the Americas.

My grandmother didn’t start flying until she was 62 years old, but she traveled across the pond quite a bit before that. I have fabulous photos of her on the Queen Elizabeth.

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That’s very sound reasoning you got there but a cruise ship just doesn’t appeal to me too much.
I should just man up & jump on a plane, I really should.

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I think the cruise is just 4 or 5 days. It sounds very fancy schmancy too when you tell a story about the trip. 5 days for a month plus abroad? It’s not terrible. Or, you could hold it as a back up. Fly over here, and then if you swear you can never board another plane you have a way to get back. You don’t have to commit up front if it’s too overwhelming.

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You don’t have to use a cruise ship – there are still freighters that carry passengers. They’re usually slower trips and not inexpensive but apparently much more interesting than cruises.


With $$$, I’d renovate this house, sell it and move back to my hometown. I’ve already got the bicycle and basket I want for riding around town :)

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Definitely traveling around the world….. Nothing is stopping me now, it’s just managing money better, I need an accountant or better grasp because the only thing that’s stopping me is I spend a lot of money on crap I probably don’t need…....... Waste money on clothing, shoes, purses, makeup, salon, getting my nails done, etc….. But at the end of the day I realize it’s memories that matter and not material objects.

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Not having to jump out of bed, exhausted and run the 50 mile commute to work, not be able to leave the job for 8 hours and then do the whole thing in reverse five days a week would be a blessing in itself.

I’d be happy to relax more. Volunteer my time. Work at a job that I really enjoyed, maybe a museum or something with crafts. Something really inspirational. What stops me from doing that now? I have a job that pays really well and has great benefits. If I got a job in a museum or doing crafts it would probably pay shit and have not so good benefits.

It would just be nice to not have to work 35 hours a week and be able to afford to slow down a bit.

I’d travel more, too.

I’d love to have a big piece of property with an animal sanctuary. Of course, to have a big house and have friends over a lot would be great too. Lots of books, a craft room, a big patio or deck where I didn’t have to look at anyone if I didn’t want to, it would be very peaceful.

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