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What's on your Vision Board?

Asked by JLeslie (61548points) October 18th, 2016
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It’s usually a collage of photos and cut outs that encapsulates things you want. Dreams and goals, that sort of thing.

The idea is that having it visually in front of you helps achieve what you want. It became popular when Oprah did a show about the laws of attraction or something like that.

I’m not asking if you believe in it, I’m only asking those who do have one, how has it been working for you? Feel free to share with us what’s on your board.

It doesn’t have to be a collage, it could be as simple as one picture. I knew a woman who used to put a photo of her in her goal jeans on her fridge when she was dieting.

Here is an article about Vision Boards.

I think I should make one. I’m having trouble identifying and getting what I really want lately. Plus, I think the board will act as a communication tool with my husband.

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Love love love vision boards. They help you visualize things that you want, and it’s also an exercise in creativity. It also creates “mindfulness”.

I’ve had vision boards in the past and they totally worked. An example one time is I wanted a rare looking coin bracelet. It had historic looking coins on it, I think from Greece or Rome. I really wanted it, found a cool picture, and I got it :) I found the bracelet randomly at a vintage flea market type event soon after. I had to pinch myself when that happened :)

The Goal Jeans is also a great example. When I was losing weight, I bought a whole new wardrobe full of smaller clothing that I knew I would fit into eventually. Size XS and 00. That definitely helped in losing weight I think, to be so persistent and visualize “the end goal”.

The vision board I have now is a fashion board. It has elegant beautiful chic haute couture clothing. There’s also a picture of a skinny tiny cute little supermodel strutting down the runway :)

It also has a photo of Greta Garbo as Mata Hari. The vision fashion board has mostly haute couture clothing, black clothing with lots of details, embellishments, impeccable sewing work and craftsmanship. You can only get those clothing from either French or Italian labels usually.

I have that vision board because I plan on living overseas and wearing fabulous haute couture clothing. I’ll probably be in Monaco next year, so that’s the “end goal”. I plan on having a very glamorous and chic life, already kind of do, but I want MORE lol.

Vision boards WORK if you really believe it and hold the vision in your mind :)

Good luck on your vision board hun if you create one, if you need any help/advice let me know :)

I also used to have a small notebook with pictures. Like a journal. That way I could carry it around anywhere, and when I get an inspiring idea, I can write in it also :)

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