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What stand to use for b.c rich Warlock revenge guitar?

Asked by Mimimimi (9points) October 23rd, 2016
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I want to buy a present for my guitarist brother and I want to buy a stand for his warlock guitar the problem is I don’t know what type of stands to choose, I mean because of the body shape the normal acoustic guitar stand may not be right so I checked the flying V stands but I am still not sure? Please forgive my limited knowledge about this because I don’t play guitar myself,I will be grateful for even the smallest advice. Thank you.

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There are stands that grip by the neck at the headstock. They work with any guitar

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If you plan on buying it at a music store, take a picture of the guitar on your phone.

Bring it with you to show to the salesperson so he can bri ng out whatever stands are appropriate. Then you can pick whichever one seems the sturdiest for the best price.

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