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Dare I say the Dade County ballot is confusing?

Back when Gore and Bush ran for office a girlfriend of mine called me early in the day on election days saying that she hoped her mother voted for the right person, because the ballot was so confusing it was easy to screw it up. The people at the polls would not let her help her mom. thus was way before anything was in the news about it.

Same girlfriend calls me today to say she went to early vote and as she’s going in a woman coming out says she thought the choices for president were going to be on the ballot. Um yeah, they are. Somehow she missed that section! She already turned in her ballot. Oops. My girlfriend said the ballot is confusing, mostly because it’s bilingual. Or, maybe it was three languages I’m not sure. It would make sense if it had French also. Very wordy I guess. I haven’t seen it.

Gawd, what if FL is another fiasco.

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