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Do poor people think they're smarter than you?

Asked by rem1981 (393points) November 3rd, 2016
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My ultimate pet peeve is when a bartender or some other person who doesn’t have a career thinks he should be the one giving advice. It’s like these people are trying to piss me off. Does anyone else not have any patience for people who aren’t succeeding but feel qualified to give advice?

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I have way more patience with them than I do with arrogant people that think the only wisdom comes from wealth.

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Nah, I always thrash the butler at chess ;-}

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It’s not “poor people”, it’s people that meet you, specifically. You present as really not very bright. Appreciate and heed the advice.

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You must have said something to the bartender that opened the door for them to offer their 2 cents so IMO you should not be so surprised nor so offended that they did. I don’t think anyone’s level of success has anything to do with offer advice or an opinion of matters. It’s just human nature. IMHO your question makes you appear snobbish.

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Why do you think he should be dumb since he’s a bartender or poor? Many sages / wise people across different civilisations lived a very simple life yet they showed the world how to live it. How many billionaires do you know who have been able to do this?

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I used to be poor. Now I may not be a 1%er but I’m probably a 5%er.
I spend probably way to much time being pissed off that when I speak to people now I am way more likely to be listened to than I was before. Newsflash! I’m the same person!
In some cases it’s the same exact people who ignored me before that fawn over my every word now. I doubt they even remember that they knew me when…
Those superficial assbites don’t have any idea how little I really think of them because of it. :-(

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@Judi I am so with you. I wear jeans and sweatshirts now like I always have and am always “treated” like a jeans and sweatshirt guy. When I go to make a major purchase and the credit guy sees my credit rating all of a sudden their attitude changes and the red carpet comes out.

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Troll? Possibly.

I’ll take the bait this way:

If you knew how much I made as a bartender you would STFU.


Bartenders are so stupid? Let’s see you try it.

Also, a good bartender would smell your attitude toward them before you uttered a word.

This is why your glass has been empty for the last half hour.

I suggest you don’t take whatever friends you might still have out for drinks with this mentality.

You will surely lose them.

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Rich, poor, successful or otherwise, everyone always think they’re smarter than everyone else.

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Dude. Never invite me out for drinks with you. Ever.

I follow a strict code of conduct that includes always be nice to the bartender. Always tip the bartender. Make friends with the bartender.

For that matter, make sure you’re friends with anyone who has the power to put whatever the fuck they want on your credit card while you’re too inebriated to pay attention.

Acting like an ass to a bartender is a decidedly stupid move.

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^^ And it’s mean. There’s no reason for it.

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I guarantee you – you’re not as smart, clever or interesting as you think you are.

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Why would anyone act like they wanted to piss you off?

Oh. Maybe it’s this.

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Not smarter. But I’d rob you if the lights went out. Snatch your chain, or whatever else I want.

As I’ve said before, the rich NEED the poor. The poor don’t need the rich.

Either way the OP clearly doesn’t respect the poor. Something they would learn on equal ground.

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@Cruiser yep, I know the moment when they see the credit rating. Their whole demeanor changes.

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@rem1981 There are plenty of what we would consider poor people who are smarter than both of us. One of the highest IQ scores recorded comes from a guy who works as a bouncer and lives on less than 10k a year. Also simply because someone may have a lower IQ does not mean their advice should be discarded, especially if they have experience you do not. I also know a handfull of people with 140+ IQ scores that should never give advice to anyone. There are armies of smart people who do very, very dumb things.

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No, but some rich do, apparently.

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Twist – That bartender actually owns the bar, and he’s wealthier than you. Now what?

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@MrGrimm888 “The poor don’t need the rich.”


My paychecks never bore the signature of a poor person.

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Without the rich the poor could still acquire what they need to sustain themselves. The rich however, need the poor. Without the labor of the poor the rich have production, and thus no wealth.

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Robin (in da) Hood & his band of “Merry?” men…Triar Fuck sir?

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@SecondHandStoke :: There is a bit of a difference. You have the Papa John shit pizza machine. That dude whined about obamacare and how he would have to raise pizza prices while the dude lives in a 60 room mansion. And the dude owns Papa Murphys, the take and bake place that does 50% of their business on food stamp days.

My sisters husband owns a construction company and pulls down about 120K a year. And he has 20 full time employees making 50K a year with benefits.

I wouldn’t consider the two the same.

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It’s called a bartender wanting to feel like more than just a bartender. People like me end up dealing with their insecurities.

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So then I guess that means when you troll this forum with snobbish posturing bullshit then we’re dealing with your insecurities.

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No, people should only give advice when asked.

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If you disdain human interaction so much, why not drink at home?

Then you can experience the pleasant companionship of your own venomous ego without any of the pesky social obligation of making small talk with people whose occupation has been synonymous with friendly advice for over a thousand years.

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@rem1981It’s called a bartender wanting to feel like more than just a bartender.

He IS more than just a bartender! You think?

No.. I’m sorry… Let’s just get right to it huh? What do you do for a living? No seriously. What’s your job? I just wanna know if I you’re even worth communicating with right now. I feel like that’s fair.

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