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What is your opinion on Vine shutting down?

Asked by RocksoC (165points) November 3rd, 2016
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Twitter decided to put Vine down due to them not having the resources to support it. I was wondering about your opinion on the matter.

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never cared. not caring now, either.

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Won’t miss it at all. I finally saw a vine on FB the day after the shutdown announcement.

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Me neither, there were some decent content, but most of it was just really cringey bad stuff.

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I’m vine with it…hahahahahahahahahahaha <hiccup>

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Ivy been not been bothered by the news.

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I was hoping Marvin Gaye would post a pic of a grape

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*Marvine Gay

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I’ve never used Vine. Do you use it? What are your thoughts? I did see they’re shutting it down. I think there are so many options for people to share ideas/content these days, Vine probably won’t be missed.

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Good riddance.

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It was a very creative space for awhile, but morons prevailed and reduced it to the lowest common denominator driving the more creative people away—as it happens on many sites. It’s not just Vine. Twitter itself is in trouble.

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Never used it. Never even access it in any form. Saw some Youtube videos about it and became disgusted. Well, the less place for showing off the better.

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I am still avoiding Twitter and so have no idea what Vine is/was.

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A bit surprised but it wasnt significant to my life so meh.

Less fodder for ADHD minds. No biggie.

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What’s Vine?

Come to think of it, what’s Twitter?

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Here I was thinking that I ought to avoid downtown Hollywood.

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Good. Now they can shut down and we’re good.

(I just hope they don’t invade YT)

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@Sneki95 Oh god don’t get me started on No, like, seriously don’t, I’ll be typing for an hour.

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@RocksoC You don’t even have to, bruh, I hate those cringy idiots as much as you.

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@Sneki95 And the worst thing is that people at my school are using it. The THIRD GRADERS ARE MAKEING MUSICALYS AT SCHOOL!

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Reminds me of the “Mini Playback Show”.

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