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Which brand of gloves inspired mickey mouse's?

Asked by Ltryptophan (12015points) November 6th, 2016
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A silent movie is on. “The temptress” with greta garbo. A guy is wearing gloves that look like the ones mickey mouse wore. So this sort must have been the gloves that inspired the same.

Was this an expensive, and well known brand? Looks highfalutin.

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Wait, there are brands of gloves?

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I think they are supposed to be just white leather dress gloves, the sort of thing you’d wear with a tux or military dress uniform. Not a brand just a style. I’d guess they were chosen as they are white so contrast with Micky but have stitching on the back so you can tell which side is which of Mickys hands.

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If you see the movie I referred to you would know at once that the gloves are clearly patterned from the ones worn in the film.

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Extra large Aris gloves

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^^ do they fit?

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^^^ hahahaha NOOO!

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@Cruiser may be right. Isotoners were around since 1910 it seems.

I wonder….....

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