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Is my Iphone restore lost forever?

Asked by Ltryptophan (12091points) November 10th, 2016
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Here’s the story: I have a laptop running Vista from 2008.

I have been using it as my Itunes restore point.

When I upgraded from my Iphone 6, I first put the restore point on this computer.

Now Itunes is not letting me restore from this PC because it’s not running the right version of itunes.

The right version of itunes requires the right version of windows.

The right version of windows requires a fresh install from scratch on the pc.

I think this means that my restore will be lost if I try to get to the Itunes version that could help me, which is completely past the point of what I am trying to obtain!

Should I borrow someones Iphone 6 to get the restore back onto a phone and then try to go to another computer and restore that phone onto the valid pc with the right Itunes or to iCloud, and then restore from there?

Help please! I really don’t want to get this wrong!

Apple always pulls this kind of garbage where you might lose EVERYTHING!

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If you use the back up facility on your phone then the back-up is on your iTunes account so the restore will be there no matter what you use to log into iTunes. Try it on another PC and see if you can see your back up there.

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I do not use iCloud, is that what you mean @Stinley

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Ah. Yes it is iCloud that does your backup. Why not use it? Genuine question

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Well, you can either back up to a PC or to iCloud and this person seems to have just used the PC so at this point they may be screwed. I would go to an Apple store and talk to them.

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Thanks @janbb….

@Stinley I probably will in the future. I didn’t think my iCloud storage would backup a hicap Iphone backup. Does it?

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What is hicap?

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64gb… high capacity (borrowed from magazines)

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Not sure. If you only used iCloud for restore backup not all your photos too then you probably will be ok. It lets you know if storage is a problem. I had the storage problem so started using Google Photos

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I’ve got a solution thought up. It involves allocating a spare Iphone 6.

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