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How exactly do actors get paid?

Asked by AshlynM (10684points) November 11th, 2016
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And by whom exactly?
Does the movie producer pay them? The director? I assume they’re not given personal checks.

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The production company does. It is based on the terms of the contract.

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@zenvelo is correct for the actual acting at the time of the movie being made.

Depending on the contract – and they are all different, there may be various other income streams:

- a percentage of the profits (if there are any) after a year. This is what is known as ‘points’.

- residuals: any time the movie is re-released, or played on TV, even 30 years later, the actor gets some small sum for each appearance.

- digital rights, which can be separate from the screen payments – based on how many DVDs are sold or how many Netflix showings or how many downloads take place.

Contracts cover each of these alternatives, but each contract is different.

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There are also some hourly rates or other rates based on amount of work done, and/or fixed amounts for agreeing to do it, especially for extras and such.

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If I’m reading your question correctly, you’re asking about payment methods, not about pay rates. I say this because you mention “personal checks.”

Please confirm if I’m right or correct me if I’m wrong. If the latter, I can share some fun information from my brother-in-law, an actor who’s had several under-five roles in network TV programs. You might be surprised to learn how little money he earns.

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Yes, I am talking about payment methods.

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