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Why don't they have coats that are made for your legs?

Asked by XiaoMandyX (165points) November 23rd, 2016
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My legs get so cold when I’m walking outside, the leggings under my pants trick doesn’t work. I need something that cuts the wind and keeps me warm, so why don’t we have leg coats? Why is everyone walking around with cold legs?

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It’s called snow pants. They are sold in Canada. There is also long Johns which can be wore inside and in bed.

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How cold I it where you live?

My long coat does help protect my legs. I find quite a bit of difference when wearing a long coat vs a waist length.

I’m shocked long johns under your slacks doesn’t keep your legs warm. What fabric are you pants? Consider buying some made out of wool.

If you are dressed casually you can do the 1980’s thing and wear leg warmers over jeans.

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@JLeslie thanks for your response. The weather at the moment is just around the freezing mark and windy. I usually wear jeans, or yoga pants or something like that with leggings under but I’m still frozen, it actually hurts my legs. Why isn’t there a pants equivalent to a coat?

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Are you wearing leggings, or actual long underwear made for the cold? I have a pair of polyester microfiber long underwear that are very warm. I prefer my cotton ones, but that’s just my preference.

Do you have a long coat? One that goes down to mid-calf?

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There are the equivalent. They wrap around like a big legged diaper, and are stuffed with down. They zip up the sides, and you take them off when indoors.

Or, if you just need protection from rain and wind, you can get overpants like cyclists wear.

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@XiaoMandyX , it sounds like you’re just wearing different cotton pants. Those aren’t going to be enough in a cold winter. You can get good silk long johns to wear under those or wear a heavier weight / better quality pant that is not cotton/light cotton blend fabric.

You can get windpants which I think is what @zenvelo calls overpants. I wear those when I walk the dog on a winter evening.

You can get some pretty nice fleece lined leggings these days. They’re warm and look all right. I have a few pairs of black fleece pants from Old Navy that look enough like my regular office dress pants that most people don’t realize what I’ve got on.

Snowmobile pants are good when it’s desperately cold but it would have to be below -40 celsius for me to want to dig those out. My windpants over polar fleece pants or fleece leggings usually get me through to that point.

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You should get some colorful snow pants to wear to the Harbin Ice Festival.

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I live in Norway and I can tell you they do exist. I wear them all the time. I have three pairs. One for just rain, one for slight cold and wind and a pair for proper snow. I work with children and we spend an hour or more outside playing every day. Look into stores that carry outdoor sports and camping or hunting gear. Do you have stores like Stormberg or North Face?

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I hate cold too. I have tried to find leggings lined with fleece. These definitely help.

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Someone I know told me she has down filled long underwear. They were sold for hunting purposes from some big online retailer (LL Bean maybe?). They are for men but of course, women can wear them too.

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^ Aaaagh, no down! Plenty of synthetics that are just as warm. Save a goose wear synthetics.

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<————-remembers how warm her seal skin coat and down filled jacket keeps her.

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Sounds like you need to buy one of those long coats that go to your ankles and wear clothing appropriate for winter weather. o you can stay warm. You have to dress the part correctly if you don;t want to get sick.

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I convinced one of my swim pals to get polar fleece pants the other week. She wore them on the walk to the pool today. She was so happy with how light and warm and comfortable they were. She’s going to ask her daughter to buy her more for Christmas. At a slight distance, they look like regular slacks.

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Get a long overcoat. Some of them cover much of the legs.

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