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What are the best film schools?

Asked by celticsfan2008 (42points) August 6th, 2008
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What are the best film schools in New England?

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Film schools or colleges?

I believe that Emerson College and New York University are the best colleges for film, but New York Film Academy is the best Film School.

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Didn’t you just do this? Boston is it in New England.

Check out the programs at Northeastern U and Simmons, in or around Boston.

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Here’s an interesting directory that I got from googling “film schools New England.”

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I have seen some really good short films by the folks over at Amherst College. Personally, I would recommend the Vancouver Film School if you ever decide to study away from home.

@gailcalled: northeastern is a prestigious school but most of their creative departments are really mediocre.

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@Pup-East Coast?!

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My daughter went to the NY Film Academy and truly loved it—and got a lot out of it. It is a technical school, unlike film schools connected to a college or university. No four-year degree but lots of hands on. She received a lot of work as a result—also lived in Los Angeles. Her best friend also went there and now works there. I would be happy to connect you if you would like the “inside track”—her thoughts on NYFA.

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@ sndfreQ: Just caught the “new England” thing in his description.

Never mind!

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Vancouver Film School is really good, and really expensive.
But I would say Full Sail University is by far is the best in the US.

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